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  1. In a situation like this. Ebay will side with the buyer if they open a dispute. You need to attempt to nicely let them know that you obviously know they broke it. Offer them a partial refund. If they refuse, offer to refund them less 10% and paypal fees, shipping both ways etc. if they ship it back to you and offer to cancel the transaction on ebay( so you don't pay fees). Usually this should discourage a return. If it doesn't.. Well it's better to have the item back than a forced refund by paypal and no item.
  2. Thanks Paul. I thought this exercise was fun!
  3. Ron, No.3 blade is clean.. (condition of ji hada is much better than No. 2 Shinto) But the nakago tells the truth. Even though the pictures are grainy, you can see that there is a lot of age in the last 3.5 inches of the nakago in comparison to the top 2 blades (youngest). Alex, There were often shinshinto copies of koto works, not as often in shinto times. So no 4. is definitely not shinto.. The bottom blade is obviously kamakura (using sugata, kissaki, and patina on the nakago) and the oldest of the lot with an nice patina on the nakago. Of course these could all be master forgeries and we could all be way wrong!! But I'm just going to throw the idea on the table that all 4 of these swords are probably somewhat important works and authenticated as un-tampered with (age considered ie. patina etc.).
  4. 1. shin-shinto (ubu) 2. shinto (shortend by maybe 1.5-2 inches at machi) 3. koto (nambokucho) 4. koto( kamakura) ??
  5. Hmmmm.... verryyyy interesting Christian! I enjoyed reading that very much so.
  6. Good investment! I think you're in the clear Matt.
  7. Just don't spend too much on showato. Actually, only buy them if they're in good condition and a good price. Buy the gendaito. Look over all of the showato and just make sure they aren't "Frankensteins" (mash of spare parts put together). Militaria collectors want matching numbers, good paint jobs, no rust, and most importantly, no restoration needed! As is condition only. Militaria collects feel that restoration removes historical value. Nihonto collectors will accept a cheap purchase gendaito even if restoration is required. That's my two cents. Good luck!
  8. J Reid

    true Dai-Sho

    Haha that's hilarious. I enjoyed reading it thoroughly.
  9. Hey, I'm doing a project and was wondering if any of our Japanese members could help me out. I need this poem correctly translated and written in the vertical fashion. "Like an old tree From which we gather no blossoms Sad has been my life Fated to bear no fruit" I do already have it translated but just want to make sure that its written in the correct format. If anyone could just post it written in Japanese and vertically, I would be so grateful. Thanks!
  10. $1400 seems fair. If its a gendaito. But it looks like a showato. So $7-900. EDIT: oops just realized this was answered.
  11. Tametsugu? Or minamoto ?? I'm bad at reading mei. But that's my guess.
  12. Maybe that's why it didn't re-paper? Originally it was unnoticed? Suggesting this without actually examining the picture, assuming its hagire (as the listing has magically disappeared). Or the papers are el'fake-O. Personally, I would buy a muramasa with hagire but not for 48k!! Haha. MAYYBEE for 8k-10k after the papers were examined. My priorities are also irregular and I'm cheap.
  13. I just don't like old papers coming out of Japan on big names.
  14. I wouldn't value this blade near 3k. I would say if you had a sword (3k value) you were willing to trade, I would ask for this and $1000 minimum ( based on condition and your doubts) I would say late shinto- early shinshinto. Maybe even a nobufusa as chris is proposing! I don't think gendai though unless it made and designed to deceive.. earlier generation? They do have similar features.. I don't know..
  15. Ofcourse.. Omg how did I not think to look at the second picture..? bah.
  16. From what I see, it looks like a mount fuji in the hamon.. or is that just the lighting? Also I would say no to a polish just because the nakago is totalled and the signature is leaning towards gimei (imho). The blade portion looks good. Keep as is my friend. The condition and polish is okay.
  17. Yeah I agree with Mariusz. Also looks like the nakago was ground down for a D guard Tsuka.
  18. USPS international or fedex. Declare as "Japanese art/antique" ..UPS won't ship swords.
  19. I want to see the blade!! The suspense is killing me..
  20. J Reid

    moon and clouds

    the moon was so bright it shawn through the clouds?
  21. I started collecting nihonto at age 16. I am now 21 (almost 22). I am most likely the youngest collector on the board. I have got my brother (19) and a handful of friends that follow me in study. Hopefully coming forward will help people see that there is hope for this amazing area of expertise to continue for many more centuries to come. :D
  22. It was 100% leather. I was suprised too! I have some scraps I'll take pictures of when I have a chance. But yeah, definitely leather and it was glued to the wood, underneath the lacquer, and also dyed black.
  23. Interesting. I was quite intrigued.
  24. So I start refinishing a Kai gunto saya yesterday. Someone had painted it fairly recently with a rather crude layer of black paint.. So I decided to strip the whole thing to the bones and start fresh. After about 20 minutes of wiping this thing down with paint thinner, I decide that I could only get the recent paint job to come off and the original lacquer (for whatever reason) wasn't affected by the chemical. So I take this down to the work bench and start sanding the saya. I get through the next layer of paint and it turns out it wasn't paint at all!!!! The black lacquer Kai gunto saya was originally wrapped in a super fine leather underneath the lacquer. The leather had been dyed black and then lacquered over originally. It peeled off like thick paper. Definitely leather though. I know the Japanese wrapped their saya in leather for WW2. But i have never seen this before. It was like a stealth layer- nicely tapered to a thin saya. Did anybody else know this?! I sure didn't..
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