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  1. Joe! Just read that the hidehiro nearly took your hand! Wowzers. Glad to hear you & the blade will survive. That was such a nice blade..
  2. If you've already been firm with the tapping and no movement at all- It could be glued inside ( I wouldn't be suprised).. Probably best to just leave it.
  3. Ford.. You are so talented.. I wish I could afford to have something made by you.
  4. I love this style of blade. By far my favourite.
  5. Is it just me, or maybe the lighting, but doesnt it look like the blade may have hagire in the first blade picture? Looking pretty much dead center of the blade.
  6. I'm sure; like me- we're all contemplating and building our response, Paul.. ..This.. is a good one.
  7. Yeah to get swords into most locations in Canada now you need to have them shipped by FedEx, surface, or usps from the states. All other carriers will deny the package. If you live in Vancouver B.C. -EMS will still ship to that location internationally with no problems.
  8. Katana-maeda? Yeah he seemed to pop up out of no where a few months ago. He seems to have some pretty good items in stock. Glad to hear he is professional. I am sure that I will buy from him in the future if he keeps pumping out the good stuff.
  9. First and fifth specimen look almost identical (even in the circled area). I would say there is enough variation amongst the examples that it would most likely be shoshin.
  10. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=15014&p=131548&hilit=masakiyo#p131548
  11. That must be it then (what the seller was trying to say). They are asking all employees to advise customers that security is going up and to not be surprised if items of this nature are seized or questioned. I guess we had it too easy before? Well at least we still don't need a permit.. Haha. Thanks for the insight!
  12. Has anybody tried to ship swords to Canada since January 13, 2013? They changed something in the importation regulations since that date. Apparently customs is cracking down on Canadians and swords are an issue all of a sudden.. I read the updated version and it doesn't state that swords are now prohibited.. The reason I ask is because I have 2 swords I'm trying to import from Japan at the moment via FedEx (usually not a problem) and the guy who I bought them from says that FedEx called him today to warn him that the parcel may be denied by Canadian customs and to notify me just in case. He has shipped to me before with no problems.. I also just shipped 2 blades out to Bob benson in Hawaii at the end of January and reallllly hope I don't have an issue when it's time to have them returned.. Anybody have anything comforting to say? Or recent customs issues? I contacted FedEx already and customer service is not helpful whatsoever.
  13. I'd just like to comment further and say that when I got home from work today I just had to run and show the lady this. Just looking at those prices again actually makes me feel a tad ill. There is no way these can be right!! It's just so wrong... Blah. Where do buyers like this come from?! ..okay I'm done now.
  14. He's probably hoping he can get back the majority of his cash and then will just reassemble the sword when he magically finds the "missing" piece. He has already mentioned that he knows he can, and plans to do that with the broken item.
  15. F*** that guy. He can send you back the "dagger"..... What planet is he from? Seriously. If he doesn't send back the sword, he shouldn't get squat.
  16. J Reid


    So basically they confirm that even though its a ww2 sword, as long as made traditionally, it has a high chance on passing examination. But if a star stamped blade is being imported into Japan for papering, there is a good chance it won't even make it inside..? So having a star stamped blade already in Japan has a good chance of passing shinsa if it doesnt have obvious faults?
  17. J Reid


    Interesting! Yet... How contradicting.
  18. Paypal can't legally take money out of your account. Your paypal account will just go negative. You don't want to lose your paypal/ebay account over this though..
  19. p.s. I am sorry for your loss. This guy is obviously an ass... Brian please excuse my language.
  20. Thomas.. Paypal will not credit the buyer back unless he returns the item first. Don't surcome to his threats of money first then "dagger". Have him ship it back to you and when you get it back refund him less shipping costs. Tell him shipping both ways is his responsibility. If you don't do anything, paypal WILL side with the buyer and you will lose both your item (which you can repair again and resell) and the money. Regardless of what "proof" you can muster up through conversations- The odds are 99% you will lose in any dispute with paypal or ebay. Your only advantage at the moment is that he needs to ship back to you in order to get a refund. Even if he files a chargeback outside of paypal, you can dispute that with a tracking number.. You need to focus on one thing. Salvage the transaction and get back whatever of your costs you can ie. Broken item, shipping costs, and ebay fees. The rest is already lost.
  21. I guess this is the risk level involved in shipping delicate goods to someone who possibly does not know how to handle such goods. I would offer the refund. But definitely get the transaction cancelled on ebay before the refund is given and also mention that shipping is the buyers responsibillity (both ways). Have him/her agree to at least those terms.
  22. If the buyer returns the item there won't be a case to argue.. The buyer could send a stick back and the seller would still lose with paypal.
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