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  1. Sorry, Brian forgot about that. Peter thank you, I had seen that on ebay and didn't want to buy the complete set. Justin
  2. looking for both books by harry Watson. Not looking for cd or knockoff copy in book form. I know he maybe offering it in cd but I like paper.
  3. looking to buy Nihon to koza koto part 3 by harry watson.
  4. Is this type of Nioigire excepted/found on koto Gassan tanto. I was not able to find another example on the net or in my books. This one papered tokubetsu hozon. Not sure if it was this way when papered. Justin http://www.sanmei.com/contents/media/T2 ... PUP_E.html
  5. Hope you have a fire extinguisher!!! Justin
  6. zatoichi

    help with tag

    Hello , This tag is on a sword for sale on line. I wanted to know its purpose, and who issued it. Thank you. Justin
  7. who said it was polished before being papered? Justin
  8. Chris could you point me towards any more information on the tsunatoshi group or Toshikazu. Thank you Justin
  9. Hello and thank you for the input. Chris the answer is no and no. I am not 100% sure of the name, and I would be surprised if the board came up with something that the NBTHK could not but it is worth a try. Ken I used a sony A900, Manual Leica APO macro elmarit-R 100, with Leica Elpro. Gitzo GT1542T with markins ball head. Lighting was Halogen work light. Justin
  10. Hello, I submitted this tanto for shinsa in Japan with the NBTHK it came back saying NBTHK will need to research this sword further. I presume this means it is traditionally made and the mei is not gemei but not much more. The mei reads Tsunahide Tsukura. Not kato Tsunahide since he didn't sign his mei this way. I have looked in Nihon Shinto Jiten and Nihon to Koza shinshinto but have not found anything. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you Justin
  11. Geraint, Thank you I guess that is the answer. I didn't know that shinshinto smiths went so far in there emulation of koto smiths as to make the sword look like a o suriage blade. I was not able to find another examples in Nihon shinto jiten or Nihon to koza. Justin
  12. Keith, if it was a copy of old Tachi why shallow sori, o-kissaki doesn't look like ichimonji. Chris, if a little was cut of the nakago ( to fit in foot locker ) why is the shinobi ana so close to the end? Justin
  13. Here is a sword that seems to be a conundram. Nakagojiri is kiri. has two mekugi ana. the shinobi ana placement looks like an old tachi but the sword is papered as shinshinto.Sword is not suriage Sorry don't know how to do a link but the sword is at Aio Art. http://www.aoijapan.com/katana-mumeiuns ... -masakatsu Justin
  14. zatoichi


    Jacques, It certainly could have been polished after having origami which may have brought this out. If you would not mind could you please explain why you do not think it is shingane, and why you think it came about.(these might be the same thing) Thank you Justin
  15. zatoichi


    Hello all ,just wanted to know if this looks like shingane coming through in the jihada. Thank you Justin
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