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  1. Contacted by a friend as to what his military wakizashi, (which was given to him was worth). He supplied photos, and I requested more from him. And this is what I got. Have not read the Mei! Over to you for your thoughts, I have already formed my own opinions.
  2. MORIYAMA-SAN / Jean. So if one does not fully accept the use of 'no ju', as part of Norimitsu's Mei. Then would it not be acceptable to think that Norimitsu, would not have made such an error in his own signing! Thus being two very good reasons, to declare this Mei as fake. Regards.
  3. Thank you MORIYAMA-SAN That answers the initial problem. And Jean here's the blade, wakizashi at 33.cms. Got to go with you, never late 12th century. But I did feel early Edo??? Thank you all.
  4. Jean Thank you as always ready to help, I got so far with this one, but but was not at all happy. Ray My thoughts exactly, tried the comparison methods, but not convinced. Now I have your considered opinions, I will backtrack and confirm why I was not convinced. Thank you again.
  5. Your assistance would be appreciated on this translation. I just could not get it to scan. Thanks in advance.
  6. Gentlemen, many thanks for your help. I had a few of the kanji, both right and wrong. Regards.
  7. Thanks, do you see? 'Suke'
  8. Can you please assist with a translation of the kanji on this nakago please?
  9. There you go, another kudos for the Japanese sword. It can chop up asteroids! Who else can claim that?
  10. I am just so glad you 'fell into it, not fell onto it, sad end to a great story.
  11. To be fair to you Taylor, your instinct to post here was a very sensible move. Also you asked before purchase, so two points to your credit. Now go for a full house and look at what is real, and buy from trusted source your first blade. Because thats the one you will always remember.
  12. Jeff What Steven said is quite true, and knowing this I did it with a lot of help and advice from my friends. All skills sourced here in the UK. I now own a complete themed set of quality fittings, doing exactly what they were intended to do. Nothing was abused or dishonoured in the project, cost, profit and resale value irrelevant. I wish you well in your endeavour.
  13. Mike is a personal friend of mine. He did the following work for me as to my wishes. Step by step he contacted me with progress, I have no hesitation in recommending Mike. His range of lacquer work is extensive.
  14. John. How do I feel your reference to ‘snide remark’ is directed at me. Allow me to assure you, sneering was not my intent, but can now see it was misplaced humour. I will bear this in mind in future exchanges, which I hope we can continue to have.
  15. The advice I was given about any aggressive chemical is, That should it after application, enter into any ware or fault line in a blade, it has the possibility to be difficult to neutralise. Should it then be over sealed with an oil, the consequences could be dire. But if we consider already abused nihonto as worthless, and worth experimenting on, then so what? Me! Thats a nettle I can't grasp. And John there is no reflection on you in my post, its an opinion I have gained from advice given. Should I be proved wrong, its an opinion that I can certainly change.
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