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  1. Thanks for the help with this, but it remains unclear what it reads.
  2. Thanks, George. I will look for more works by this man. If there is a reference to a painting it would be very interesting to see that work. Ed
  3. Fittings maker's signature which I have not had translated.
  4. Tachi signature translation request. Thanks for looking. Ed
  5. Late Edo aikuchi with mixed metal mounts. Blade is koto with later horimono.
  6. Unusual two piece engraved habaki on Hisamichi Wakizashi
  7. WWII Kai-Gunto Naval Officer's Sword with Rising Sun tsuba. The blade is finely forged, but the mekugi is in a position that makes it difficult to remove without damage.
  8. Shirasaya Sayagaki Translation needed. Thanks for looking and for assistance. Ed
  9. Ten Sho Suke Sada Mei Translation Needed...Thanks for looking and corrections are welcome. Ed I have it as Ten Sho 11th year...Bishu Kuni Ju Osafune __ __ __ Suke Sada Saku
  10. This is no keeper...Polish would be nice, but it does have a bend unfortunately. Ed
  11. While it is hard to see much the blade appears to be well made with a strong suguha hamon, but it's really tough to make much elae out. The habaki was what caught my interest.
  12. And thanks again to all for the help with these signatures. Ed
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