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  1. Do you how many wars happened in Japan?
  2. Ive sent 3 swords to Japan using Kunitaro sans service. All have been in different stages of restoration, needing polish and papers. Polish only takes a few weeks. The shinsa process takes the most time.
  3. Yes Jean from my knowlage as a novice hence the NTHK shinsa route. I feel that for minimal cost a second shinsa and opinion could only hurt my pocket a few hundred. I would have gladly sent you the sword and paid you sensei for your educated opinion. Short return time for sure.
  4. A comment about shinsa. I've just had a beautiful Shinto sword restored. Togoshi felt Ishido, NTHK shinsa came back as just "Ishido" both the togoshi and I feel the the blade is very high quality a what the NTHK did was un professional with just a school attribution. It will be sent to NBTHK for a more in-depth outcome.
  5. What a great article. I'm lucky to be caring for 2 swords from the Hartely previous collection. A shodai Yukihiro and what's looking like a beautiful Shinto Ishido.
  6. I've several swords in Japan at various stages of restoration. The shinsa process is the longest part of the whole deal. Nbthk hozon takes around 4 months to get your sword back. I've switched to nthk as the wait times are shorter.
  7. Jean I laughed so hard. It is not under copyright and who doesn't love " best in show"
  8. Hello NBM I'm currently researching one of my swords and I'm looking for direction... shinto soshu smiths is the topic. Can anyone direct me to where I might find a online resource? Thank you all
  9. As little as I know, I just restored a ubu shodai Yukihiro, I'll just break even. I do it for the love.
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