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  1. Thank you for looking in to it for me, sorry I did not respond to you sooner, but I had a bit of tunnel vision on the blade for awhile... Yes the tsuba is also signed, unfortunately there is nothing more to the signature then what is on the fuchi, it is identical. I did try to research a bit about the “Mitsuyasu” signature but there just seams to be very little publicly available online and none of what I did see matched anything like the 'kao' mark you pointed out. For what ever it may be worth here are a couple of pictures of the signature on the Tsuba, also this is a link to sever more much larger pictures of the entire set http://imgur.com/a/V8TNa Glenn
  2. Thanks everyone I appreciate the continued responses and opinions. As an update for what it is worth I did get in contact with Mr. Roger Robertshaw from hizento.net(a extremely nice and helpful fellow I need to say!) as was suggested by Ed Harbulak.... And after a couple emails and me sending him a scan of the mei his response was: "Suriage (shortened nakago) genuine signature from 1670 to 1680. 2nd Gen Tadahiro. 90% sure it is Ok" So I will consider that a big plus, though I am not disregarding anyone here who has given input, this will at least be enough for me to push forward and try to at least get this sword physically in front of some one for an in-hand evaluation. That will be my next challenge to find that "someone" as I don't see myself being able to make it to any of the upcoming shows any time in the near future. Also I have another question I have read some "sword care guides" that say it is ok to use something like, isopropyl alcohol to give it a good rub down with a soft cloth then oil with mineral or gun oil, do you all feel that this would be ok short term? I do not want to cause any more damage to the blade, but I also want to try to arrest the on going rust. (and I am aware not to do anything to the nakago!) Thank you Glenn.
  3. Thank you everyone for your input and opinions, I tend to be more of a pessimist then an optimist in most things, so I was prepared for the strong possibility that it wouldn’t be correct, yet I will keep a little hope until I can get it on someones hands. I will also shot off and introduction email to Mr. Robertshaw to see if he would be up to having a look at pictures for me, I have already found myself on his site while doing “research” I have read a good bit and looked at many pictures, I am obviously just not near familiar enough to know what to think. Also a special thanks to Darcy for swimming up stream a little on this one, and keeping me motivated on my quest, I am enjoying the knowledge I am gaining no matter the outcome and I am concerned I may be getting myself hooked on another expensive collecting hobby. -Glenn Yes indeed the tsuba is also signed the same as the fuchi I seriously doubt this is what you are talking about, however I still should have brought this up at the start, but I felt it only pertained to the overall condition, however the blade is....I would not say “bent” but it has a noticeable wave (?) to it. Looks like maybe had been bent and a poor attempt to straightening it out was made?
  4. I just want to start by hello to all and that this looks to be a very knowledgeable community I have been “lurking” for a few days, but must let all know I am a true novice when it comes to Nihontō and am very sure I will mistakes with terminology and descriptions, so please forgive my ignorance until I learn. My question regards a sword I recently got via a spur of the moment purchase, simply because it “felt” like it was better than or at least a high quality wall hanger. I posted about it and pictures at another site, (I did not see anything in the guidelines about linking to another site but decided to be cautious and not) At this site I was giving a good bit of information, and it was suggested that I should post it here also. Below is the abridged information I received there. I understand that it can be truly authenticated by pictures, however I would think perhaps it could be confidently discredited by pictures, if indeed it is gimei. However if it turns out to be true to its Mei, does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could take it locally to be assessed further I live in Texas with Houston, Austin, and Dallas all in traveling distance, I have done a little internet searching but I am just at a loss as to who, or where would be a good honest, knowledgeable place to go. Thank you to all that take the time to read and may have any help. G.S. I can take and upload different pictures if I need to What I have been told so far:
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