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  1. For sale is a muromachi period wakizashi in shirasaya signed "bishu osafune sukesada". 2 mekugi Ana. Mokume hada with areas of itame and Masame. Dark steel tone. Boshi is present however it is thin. Gunome-Midare hamon is clouded. Overall shape is good. Polish is old but ji is still clear. There are a few areas of minor kizu. Guaranteed against hagire. Sori 1.2" Nagasa 17.75" Nakago 4.8" Moto-Kasane 0.7 Saki-kasane 0.3 Moto-haba 30mm Saki-haba 21mm $1150 OBO Payment within 24 hours by PayPal & fees paid by buyer. Also willing to do a partial trade as payment. Thanks!
  2. I think the NBTHK is wrong. They got the blade after benson repatinated the nakago. That's probably why they think it's a shinshinto utsushi. Benson says that he removed new file marks from the nakago and repatinated it. However before doing so he said there was remanents of "blue" rust. He also says that he thought the blade was older based on the health of the blade. I would take the opinion of benson over the NBTHK based on these details.
  3. The mei looks suspect in my opinion. There are many differences in the strokes between the test compared to the rest. It looks rather fresh too. But what does the blade tell you? Is the workmanship in line with the smith?
  4. I think if you found it in a waste bin you did a really good thing by pulling it out. If it was me who found it I would clean it up best I could, remove any active red rust, oil it, and display the blade as is. To be honest.. I'm a little jealous! The fittings aren't much but the blade has its merits. From what I can see it looks like an Echizen blade. Don't let bad vibes get you down. There are many other collectors out there who don't appreciate the attitude that some of the elite boast when they see a blade that has had a hard life. Each and every one should be respected for what it is. Once upon a time.. someone cared about this sword. Keep studying and push forward!
  5. It's either that or perform an O-suriage with gaku mei. It's a good sword made by an excellent smith and a samurai wouldn't have disregarded it as useless.
  6. If it's shallow enough and outside of the cutting edge you can simply erase it. Theoretically it shouldn't effect structural integrity. The polisher would basically shave the Nakago down flush with the hagire.
  7. I'd also like to add that I think the sword has passed hands at least once since I sold it as the current (or previous?) owner contacted me about 4 months ago looking for me to re-send the high res photos of the hagire so he could provide them to a potential buyer..
  8. This sword used to be mine. I sold that sword to a member here about 8-9 months ago now. It was listed here and sold at a very discounted price (about 1/4 value) with full disclosure of the hagire with pictures. I have an email from Moses becerra that says he can remove the hagire by 90% as if it were never there. He recommended this when personally I inquired about O-Suriage. He says it's not necessary. I sold it to the current owner with records of this opinion from Moses, in the event he wanted to follow through.
  9. I guess the blade was an attachment to the koshirae.. thought I was onto something
  10. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/12871-ubu-mumei-tachi-at-the-kasuga-shrine-in-nara/?fromsearch=1
  11. I forget the name (and have no link) but there was a sword forged in heian? Kamakura? that was held at a shrine.. it was in original condition and had never been polished. It was recently polished and was viewed as an exceptional example of the original sugata of swords made during that period. We discussed it here on the forum years ago.. does anyone remember what I'm talking about?
  12. J Reid

    Kobizen Yoshikane

    I just don't understand why someone would have a blade retempered that has already achieved juyo status.. there must be another answer
  13. J Reid

    Kobizen Yoshikane

    Jean, the differences between aoi oshigata and juyo seem to be purely the artists interpretation, imo. I find it hard to think any reputable smith would retemper a juyo sword these days (as the risk for damage is high) especially one with boshi still intact.. It's more likely that a cosmetic polish was applied and that it is reflected in the oshigata as oppose to the actual boshi.
  14. All words said and done. I have nothing further to add. Lesson learned.
  15. Finally someone gets me!! Thank you Stephen!
  16. There was no time frame. After Gilles hmm and haw'd he finally stated he was going to buy it. 20 minutes later I provided him with payment instructions and then it takes him almost 24 hours to respond? Why should I wait for that when I have others who are waiting in line? If Gilles really wanted that tsuba so bad, he should have glued himself to the computer until it was said and done. Like I said "early bird gets the worm". This is ridiculous.
  17. My side is simple. I'm trying to sell something. I had 3 people interested who claimed they were ready to "buy it now". 1 stopped responding after I provided payment instructions. The second (Gilles) was provided with payment directions yesterday, and didn't respond for 24 hours, and the third individual responded immediately and promptly. I merely sold it to the individual with the quicker trigger finger. This is slander boys.
  18. A thick and heavy katana size Tsuba signed "ikken" with artists kao. Kanji design says "demon surrender" (intriguing words imho) Dark chocolate patina, copper seki-gane, Shakudo plug. Comes with antique Kiri box. 75mm x 73mm & 6mm thick! $250 + shipping & paypal fees. Thanks!
  19. I find it kind of ironic that #4 is the only one not sold in this lot. It's the nicest, IMO. Wish I had a little spare cash and I'd grab that for myself!
  20. most dealers can only ship surface from Japan to Canada.. or in lucky cases they will be able to use fedex. I don't think they can ship EMS anymore.
  21. Gasam, In the last picture you posted of the kissaki, it looks like it shows that the blade has a hagire. Even at $700- I'd be weary without better pictures.
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