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    • Up for sale is a tanto by the third generation Owari Nobutaka, signed Zen Hakushu Nobutaka Nyudo.  He was active in the Enpo period, 1673-1681.  The blade has an old, high quality polish that shows off the activity in the ji nicely.  Nagasa 27.6cm, kasane 5mm, motohaba 2.8cm.  Very nice gold foil habaki.  The Koshirae is late Edo period and all carved ebony.  The various carvings depict early Chinese warriors and politicians including GuanYu and ZhangFei.  The carvings are very well done.  The kogai and kozuka are carved as part of the saya and not removable.  There is a small makers mark near the jiri.  There are no cracks or chips in the koshirae.  The blade has a 1960 NBTHK Koshu Tokubetsu paper, as well as recent NTHK papers and worksheet.  The koshirae also has NTHK papers and worksheet.  Both the blade and koshirae received scores of 76 from NTHK.  Does not include a shirasaya.  Overall a very nice package.   $5750 to your door in the US, includes PP fees and shipping.  International shipping will be considerably more and we'll have to work out the details depending on destination.  If you are interested send me a PM.   Thanks, Wayne      
    • Hi all   I am selling 5 of my shin gunto koshirae to fund other projects.  I think they would be of some interest to the ww2 era collectors and 4 out of the 5 have family mons. the brief descriptions are as follows but if anyone would like more photos of a particular koshirae then PM me and I will get back to you.   price is £550 each plus S/H     Koshirae A :-  Early Type 98 with a large thick type pierced tsuba and clasped hands sarute. this koshirae doesn't bear a family mon. Some paint chips and wear evident to the saya. Saya length - 71cm Tsuka length 24cm.   Koshirae B :- Type 98 with a solid plate tsuba (almost all gilding intact). Bearing a family mon of "Maru Ni Kajinoha" (similar to a mulberry leaf) this mon has traces of gold gilding left within it. The saya is an aluminium , lightweight version and some paint loss is evident. Saya length is 73.5cm Tsuka length is 25cm.     Koshirae C :- Type 98 with a pierced  tsuba . Bearing a family mon of "Maru Ni Chiga Ya" (crossed arrow flights) . This one also has a clasped hands sarute. It does have its original blue/brown tassle but unfortunaly is cut and shows wear and appears to have a couple of seppa missing. The saya shows some paint loss and scratches. Saya length is 76cm Tsuka length is 26cm.    Koshirae D :- Type 98 with a Pierced tsuba . Bearing a family mon of crossed feathers or "Takaha" . The saya is lighter brown in colour and is in very good condition.. Saya length is 73.5cm Tsuka length is 24cm.     Koshirae  E :- Type 98 with a solid plate tsuba . Bearing an unidentified kanji type mon. The saya in very good condition and this one also has a clasped hands sarute . Saya length is 75cm Tsuka length is 25.5cm.      Thanks for looking   Gethin
    • Final price drop...   Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945- Fuller and Gregory Hardback- £35 (Dedication written on inside page) Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks- Fuller and Gregory Hardback- £115 The Japanese Sword, A Comprehensive Guide- Kanzan Sato- £25 (Some fading to the spine) Lethal Elegance, The art of Samurai Sword Fittings- Joe Earle (Free with another purchase) Facts and Fundamentals Of Japanese Swords, A Collectors Guide- Nobuo Nakahara- £25 The Craft Of The Japanese Sword- Leon & Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo Yoshihara- £20 The Connoisseurs Book Of Japanese Swords- Kokan Nagayama- £25
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