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Updates After the Fire

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Hi folks,

As some of you know already, on January 27 I suffered a fire in my house (an electric radiant heat panel in the ceiling arced out). No one was injured but the house is a mess and we likely won't live in it again until this fall at the earliest. None of my swords, kodogu, or books were damaged. All the books, however, have been put into storage and won't be available until I can move home.

The swords and fittings, on the other hand, I can get to. I'm keeping a list of customers who want books so I can get to them later; I'd love to deal with you on a katana or tsuba right now. If you find something at Japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com that interests you, please let me know (contact me by email through the site).

The phone # on my site is the land line and is currently dead. If you want to talk my cell is 218-340-1001.

Thanks for all the support I've received from my friends in Nihonto,  Grey

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We finally got a new roof last week and finishing up this week, which is the 1 thing that had to be done before the rebuild can start. It has been agonizingly slow progress but should be better now. Maybe back home this November or December.

Thanks for asking, Grey

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We've never had a fire, thank goodness, but back in 2004, a gust of wind blew off our second-story roof, followed by 6.8 inches of rain. It took us 3 full years to get everything repaired/rebuilt/replaced, along with $335K of insurance money. It's a long & tedious job, & I don't envy you. Hope you have good insurance, & an agent who will work with you.

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