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Help to find fittings to Hoan Tsuba


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Dear everyone.


I need all your help. This is a tricky one for me.


I am in the process to locate and get different pieces to work together for a koshirae project for my wakizashi. 


The Tsuba is a Hoan and I find it hard to know what will work with it.  One word I think of when studying the tsuba is solemn. 


One idea is a Soten style FK set. 


SO please add your ideas :) Very much appreciation from my side for any ideas!


soten fk.PNG

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Dear Bjorn, very nice tsuba - I really like it.  I believe that most good koshirae were tied together in a meaningful theme that was important to the owner.  If the sword is the “soul” of the Samurai and the single most important item to him, why would he just put together a bunch of random tosogu on his sword?  I think that your tsuba is a stylized chrysanthemum which symbolizes Autumn, Purity, Longevity and Nobility, and is featured in many different legends and motifs like “the Chrysanthemum Boy,” "the Four Gentlemen," “Master of the Five Willows”, etc.  So in addition to choosing other tosogu to go with your tsuba’s color and “solemn” style, you might want to choose a matching theme that is important to you too.


For example, if you like the Four Gentlemen, then you would want to find tosogu that match your tsuba in color and style that have the other three flowers/plants of this grouping.  Remember that the Japanese view of flowers was very different from most Western perspectives.  The Four Gentlemen (Shikunshi) was a well known theme to Samurai that was adopted from Chinese philosophy and consisted of orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and plum.  The traits represented by these plants exemplified Bushido (the Warrior’s Way). 


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that is a very nice TSUBA, and as you are a goldsmith I am optimistic that you could restore it yourself.

I could imagine this TSUBA in a plain TENSHÔ KOSHIRAE with simple, plain KODOGU. Black SAME, black leather ITO, black horn KASHIRA. 
No other metals than iron, except perhaps small gold decoration like KARAKUSA on the FUCHI. 

Just the 2 YEN of my taste.

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