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Late model War Mounts 1944 Date

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What I found interesting with these late model swords as the mounts aren’t as nice as earlier type 98 but the blade was a star stamped higher quality and was it proof tamahagane used?  

Also from what I got from  this thread that this model was more rare or not common as shown without a sarute hole so how many different ones were there?  According to star stamped they were gentai but it dosnt guarantee satisfactory quality!

Rikugun and Kaigun Jumei Tosho List

Y : Yasukuni Tosho 
M : Minatogawa Tosho

Rikugun Jumei Tosho were certified swordsmiths from Army headquarter of Japan at wartime. Their names appear in "Rikugun Jumei Tosho Meibo (1933)" and belived to produce blades for ranked officers. Besides Yasukuni tosho and Minatogawa tosho, these smiths produced Gendaito, which should be discerned from Showato, and star stamp was marked when passed by Rikugun Shinsa. However, it should be noted that star stamp does not guarantee the satisfactory quality of the blade and still sometimes controversial for issuing papers in Japan.


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