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  1. MarcoUdin

    Emura call

    While I can't argue that, i believe it was Aoi selling one a few years back that i recall and one other from a Facebook group.
  2. MarcoUdin

    Emura call

    It's so hard to judge his work based off of his signature, I've seen multiple signatures that I would have screamed gimei that have been papered to him. And the yasurime leaves much to be desired imo
  3. Omodaka (water plantain) https://www.seidoshop.com/products/eng-kamon-omodaka
  4. I don't have an iPhone and it's still going slow for me, on my PC as well. Almost like a 20 second delay before it starts to load anything. It's not function inhibiting but it is a bit annoying.
  5. @Bruce Penningtonif you are interested enough I can lend you my Yasukuni-to book that Kyle mentioned. I can ship it to you and whenever you're done you can send it back.
  6. Had the same problem ordering stuff from Australia, about three weeks before it finally shipped. Thankfully was all fast and easy after that.
  7. While I believe they are quite uncommon, recently quite a few members have posted them. A lot of people call it grass script, which is like saying it's cursive kanji if that makes sense.
  8. I'm not an expert by any means, but Sashikomi was the perfect call on this blade.
  9. It's says 'Noshu Ju Asano Kanesane Saku Kore'. As you said Showa stamp and his kokuin as well.
  10. You are very right I was too quick on comparing, much appreciated Moriyama-san Here is another post by the same smith that was also translated by Nobody.
  11. I only see one picture posted, but seen as how Sesko only has him listed signing two ways. I'll assume this is his longer signature Mikawa no Kuni Okazaki-jū Tachibana Kiyokane 三河国岡崎住橘清兼 Picture was a tad bit blurry for me but looks like it matches up. Either way I'm sure somebody will stop by to correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. An amazing outfit, that saya is incredibly attractive and Kanenobu was a very respectable smith.
  13. It's a Gendaito in a WWII type 98 shin gunto mounts. Gendaito implies that it is traditionally made. And shin gunto mounts were for officers only.
  14. Looks like a melon 木瓜 (Mokko) design with a mountain 山 (Yama) in the middle.
  15. And very nice Koshirae, congrats looks like a very nice piece!
  16. A lot of families used that symbol, it's called 引 or Hiki which means bars. As John said I recall someone posting it not to long ago on the fuchi as well.
  17. My auto renewal notified me last week for membership, hopefully people have been keeping up with that too.
  18. Well I'm glad I got 'Kane' correct, feel like I was pretty close overall. Very artistic way of writing 'take' for sure. Thanks Steve for doing a step by step
  19. I'm taking a guess here, but does it say 昭和十九年 兼秀 I'm still learning so wait for Steve to correct me.
  20. Glad somebody from the board got this one, looks super nice Stephen! And even better the dust seal seppa isn't missing
  21. MarcoUdin

    Suke Kani

    Jimmy Hayashi?
  22. “Higo no Kami Kuniyasu” (肥後守国康) Maybe?? Only combo that came up with me in Sesko's book
  23. A while back I think Chris Bowen said that Hirokuni was actually a smith named Yasukuni and that he used Hirokuni as his RJT name.
  24. Don't quote me, but I believe Obi-tori as the leather loops from belts used on tachi mounts. Don't believe it has anything to do with the suspension ring. Either way, I use the term Ashi because it's the first thing that comes to mind. If you don't feel confident, just call them suspension rings. Nobody here will judge you.
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