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  1. Agree with John, I'm not sure why it says general's sword
  2. That video was already posted here last week. https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/39504-pocket-cannon/#comment-409505
  3. Happened to me at the same time as Bruce, on my cell
  4. You can always ask the seller. He is on this forum, his name is Matt. You can scroll down to the dealer section and see him listed there.
  5. I think Oli is asking if it has a cutting test on the nakago, not a statement
  6. I don't believe it's a rule unless in the for sale/trade forum. But you can always PM if them if unsure.
  7. Thank you Kiipu. I have read the that document, and appreciate Mecox work, I'm sure it's very time consuming. I was just interested in his actual involvement in the school, and why he seems ignored in comparison to somebody like Kanenaga.
  8. Sorry to revive such an old thread but has anybody found out any more info about Kanenobu(father)? For being apart of the revitalization of sword making he seems to be omitted in popular literature.
  9. Beautiful blade Eric! Can we also get a pic of the nakago. Just curious how he signed this one.
  10. Since this isn't a high priced item I prefer PayPal, usually paid off in a 60-90 day period. But yes, you would just have to trust the seller(me), ships the item upon final payment. Of course I can give you recommendations from others I've done transactions with. That's what I understood I'll PM you if still available come May.
  11. I'd also consider payments if active and known on the board.
  12. No offence taken. I'm not disagreeing with you, but not everybody can own an Okimasa either. As I said an excellent study piece because of the visible activity and in decent polish. Would be perfect for a new collector making a jump to traditional blades.
  13. Final price drop $2,500usd shipped CONUS This is a nice blade in excellent condition gunto mounts. A lot of activity to study and a perfect starter blade for a new collection. A dealer has a similar blade for sale by the same smith for almost 4k and it's not even mounted. I'm surprised by the lack of interest.
  14. Personally found all the pieces he's posted thus far quite attractive(I'm jealous), including the cutting tests. Would gladly accept any of them in my collection. For free of course 😉
  15. The paper matches the sword shown in the first pictures, the nakago photo is the incorrect one. I also don't have a problem with granite as long as it's propped at the top, which it appears so.
  16. Doing it on my phone but it looks like it's here.
  17. Looks like there is a 3 at the top of the nakagomune, hard to see but I'm pretty sure it's there.
  18. I'm not even on an amateur level of kantei, but only thing I got is Mino influenced
  19. Couldn't agree more with John, you bought what you liked. Plus with a 32" nagasa I don't think the price is crazy, as a lot of people look for these longer pieces.
  20. Sorry, i forgot to mention it is not an all day thing. Only happens certain times of day but can't really pinpoint a pattern.
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