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  1. I believe those scratches are from being buffed on a wheel. And appears to be signed Kanesada but someone else can confirm that
  2. No need, it's fine as is and would be a waste of money in my own honest opinion. And no worries if it being gimei
  3. Did you check Sesko's Shinto Meikan?
  4. You should probably ask the length as well, could be a Wakizashi and not katana
  5. https://www.aoijapan.com/katanashoju-kanemasakogarasumaru-shape/ A numbered blade for Bruce, in an unfamiliar Kyu koshirae to my knowledge
  6. Have to be honest, this looks like a fake. And if it is real, it has a lot of quality issues.
  7. As Kiipu said, apparently captured a lot from the Chinese when they invaded Manchuria (I believe in 1931?). They liked them so much the ended up also acquiring some more later on, mostly for civil defense forces or so I've read. Do just want to make clear this is a Mauser C96 copy made in China and has nothing to do with Germany.
  8. I believe there is another post of this smith if you search. Seemed like consensus was it's an unknown showa smith, unless one of guys has some older textbooks? @mecox maybe? By the way does it have any stamps? Picture is out of focus but kind of looks Gendaito
  9. Because that is the correct kanji
  10. Sorry to side track discussion but has anybody seen a gendaito by Katsumasa that is dated war time?
  11. Sorry for being vague I meant wartime katsumasa made machine assisted blades. Mal is definitely the guy who would know.
  12. If this is kojima Katsumasa then he only made machined blades. Here is more info about him and his family
  13. If this is gendai try searching takayama-to on this forum
  14. @Ed at yakiba had a kanenori last year, as I recall quite nice. Don't know if it sold yet though.
  15. I don't have the answer for you, but I believe you are referring to Tsuruta san
  16. Second character looks like 'kane'
  17. Here is another sword by the same smith https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/14115-hi-all-inherited-kai-gunto-mysteries-need-solving/
  18. Have another sword I'm trying to buy, how does 2,300$ shipped CONUS sound?
  19. I've only seen a wakizashi for sale by him and the price was not for the faint of heart. Good luck finding one, it will be a special piece I'm sure.
  20. This is a picture from one of the documents kojima tosho family in the download section by Mal Cox and Neil Freeland who are on this board. For comparison
  21. Pretty sure this is signed 'Kanenori'
  22. I'm pretty sure the first one is signed, 宮城 守國 (Miyagi Morikuni). Pretty sure he's an RJT smith who made gendaito only. Second blade I can't see well enough to make out characters
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