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  1. Don't know if you were talking about my sword Adam, but I'm quite positive it is not stainless steel because it has a few rust spots and can see some loose grain here and there. It's my understanding that SS blades look very uniform and shiny. Definitely an acid etched hamon and most likely machined, could be a mix of hand and machine but almost positive it's just machined.
  2. Forgot to mention mine is an unsigned Seki stamped Kai, 25 inches long
  3. I was thinking of this post the other day and never thought to check if my kissaki was thick. After I took a better look it actually does get larger at the tip but my boshi doesn't look nearly that nice.
  4. Yeah he wouldn't take less than 3,500 and I even mentioned there is one sold in full polish and with nbthk for less than 5k not too long ago, bringing that sword back in full polish would be more than than 1,500 hundred imho. It's his sword and he can do what he wants with it, I just hope it doesn't get neglected. I also noticed there are several swords with the same name but are made by different family members/generation and the quality changes drastically
  5. Welcome, I believe the mon is Mizuno family, somebody else will correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Actually found it quicker than I thought. Sorry for spam posting :D http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/25975-breaking-news-on-the-all-brown-army-gunto-tassel/#:~:text=Anyone%20have%20contact%20info%20for,gunto%20seem%20to%20confirm%20this. Hopefully this helps
  7. What is the measurement for the length of the tassel. If I'm not mistaken I recall Bruce posting something from the war relics forums saying the navy tassels were shorter than army tassels, as I looked into it a couple months ago. I don't have the post bookmarked but I'm sure someone could find it
  8. I'm assuming you meant to post a picture with it? Or is it just not loading up for me?
  9. Yeah I offered even less than you so he's probably not going to like my offer at all. And my offer was pending better photos. No harm done though, I was making offer based off of how much I was willing to pay for what I want and not what he thinks it's worth. Thanks for the help
  10. As some of you may have seen I'm interested in getting a decent gunto with a mon. This one came up on gunbroker, https://www.gunbroker.com/item/872315689. There are very few pics and anticipate asking for more, I'm just curious about the signature if anybody can give me some description on it and if its correct. Any info on the smith would be appreciated. I don't want the tassel and obviously not looking to spend the asking price but he said he is willing to talk. Any help is appreciated. Wasn't sure if I was supposed to post this in the auction or military sword thread, move me if needed thanks.
  11. Wow, very nice piece but I'm still going to wait around for a family mon. Bruce, How much shorter would you say they are typically? I've only seen one other before and it was around 21 inches originally thought it was a fake to be honest.
  12. Impressed, 'C' looks like a brick. Could be a blunt weapon of its own.
  13. I'm thinking of adding a new piece to my collection. A nice shin gunto with a family mon, complete and in decent condition as I'm not looking for a project. I don't want to be too specific as I'm curious as to what this silent market has to offer. I would like to stick below 1,200, but I understand what I'm asking brings in a lot of variables and I may just my budget accordingly. Send me some offers. USA and PayPal preferably maybe other forms of payment can be organized.
  14. Thanks for the info from everybody. Fuarce Udin ????????
  15. Maybe of interest? http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/23394-trying-to-identify-a-sword/
  16. So I think the title is misleading because the Shin gunto Mount started later but I think he means 1923 built blade which I don't read kanji so I can't confirm that. My question was why does that fuchi just not look right to me? Any opinions on value of the blade? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/868095114
  17. Hmmm the cannonball stamp is a Nagoya arsenal marking, where they produced many guns and bayonets, But yet to see something of that nature. Plus I don't recall Nagoya numbering their smaller blades so if it were real where are the others. Just my novice opinion though.
  18. I think it's a fake Shin gunto because of the ashi and Kabuto gane are not the same as a Kai gunto. Regardless, Some parts of it seem authentic but some don't almost all the shin gunto imitations use a black saya. It really makes me instantly hesitant as soon as I see that.
  19. The leather looks great on this one, I'm sure whatever you paid it was worth it, very nice piece. For the experts what is the reasoning of the those mekugi-ana like holes at the bottom of the nakago. I always thought those happened whenever it was a longer blade that was cut down, but if this is machined wouldn't it have been made to spec?
  20. Thanks to all for the useful information. I guess I will just wait around for possibly somebody to post something of interest in the WTS forum rather than placing my own WTB. Any trustworthy sites in the states I should look at? I don't really like auction houses as I've had nothing but problems with RIA having completely false descriptions and they're supposedly regarded as the best auction house for firearms and militaria.
  21. Thanks for the rapid responses. Agreed Shamsy, I don't mind paying for something I want. I just want to make sure I'm not paying 40,000 for a 63' Fiat 500 when I can get a 63' Corvette for the same price. Thank you as well Bruce, that is more or less what I was looking for. Would you say there is a big jump in price if the blade is a gendaito? Maybe of a lesser known or student Smith. Would 1,500$ for a gendaito in Shin gunto mounts be a possible find or is there more chances of winning a jackpot. I haven't searched very hard but all the gendaito in Shin gunto mounts I've seen lately are +4,000$ and maybe they're very popular Smith's but sincerely I'm not too interested in that.
  22. Forgot to mention USA and Paypal only if that effects pricing in some way?
  23. So I may be interested in acquiring another gunto or two to match up with a some Arisaka's I have. I was curious if there was a reference for pricing somewhere online similar to the blue book of gun values. I was interested in acquiring either a shin gunto and NCO shin gunto together or possibly just obtaining a single gendaito in shin gunto mounts. I would prefer in wartime/original polish even if it has some spotting not as big deal but would prefer not to see active rust, and I would very much enjoy it with a hamon (just because I like the look) even if its on a machined blade. If I were looking at machined blades I'm not too interested in sword signatures and I would like just a simple factory stamp and matching numbers if applies. In gendaito I would just like to see no Cracks or blisters and I'm not too picky about smith's if they are at least referenced in some literature. Very important that the Saya is not refinished or painted a different color. I'm looking around 1,500$ but this is a bit flexible depending on quality of blades. This is not a WTB post I'm just wanting to get some general ideas of what this/these could potentially cost me. And I just wanted to stress that I'm interested in original condition if the scale were from 1-10 I would be even ok with some 6's if they are not sharpened, polished, etc..*(My Arisaka's are not refinished and I really like the idea of them matching in terms of finish rate) Hopefully I didn't scare anybody off, I've read Fuller's and one other book but I'm no expert especially when it comes to pricing, thanks in advance for any help.
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