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Grappling Weapon, Ninja, Jujitsu, RARE!

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Purchased from Kinokuniya in Tokyo who bought it as part of a collection of unusual weaponry.  Unfortunately it appears to have been overcleaned by a previous owner but there is still good patina visible.  In the hand it feels old and authentic, is gorgeously balanced, fast, smooth and feels great.  While I cannot be 100% sure in terms of age (it is very unusual) I would agree with Kinokuniya who told me it was from the Edo period.

Measures 33.8 cm long x 16 mm wide at center by 6 mm wide at tip.  One tip is Weighs a hefty 12 ounces (340.2 grams)

$450 plus shipping






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I have not seen such a weapon before. Is it related to shuriken?


More likely grappling and using of the tapered ends to strike towards pressure point. A poke center sternum will slow down most anybody.

I doubt they are legal these days, but we had a few classes training with metal ones like this in an Atlanta martial arts class 30 years ago.


The primary teacher was also a police instructor for the Atlanta Police Department. 125lbs of mild mannered badass that could grab your wrist, tap your forearm n side of neck... and next thing you knew you were regaining consciousness in the arms of whomever had caught you a few seconds ago.

     His motto was "no matter how badass you think you are, a surprise shovel to the face always wins". He closed a lot of classes with that phrase. Good teacher.

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