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You Tube Nihonto

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I suppose his approach of scratching the surface and using video game clips will appeal to the younger audience who wants instant understanding, visuals etc. Provided some of them delve deeper, that will be a good outcome. 

I wish Touken World would at least subtitle in English their wonderful videos. They talk of specific great swords, talk about their famous generals and war lords, about history of the sword. 

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Thank you so much, Maxime! I hadn’t seen it, and that was a great piece. I particularly liked seeing the live-in aspect of apprenticeship, the challenges there, and bond formed between student and sensei (not always built on positive reactions to each other). 

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Il y a 46 minutes, Michael Seeley a déclaré :

Merci beaucoup, Maxime ! Je ne l'avais pas vu, et c'était une grande pièce. J'ai particulièrement aimé voir l'aspect vivant de l'apprentissage, les défis qu'il y a et le lien formé entre l'étudiant et sensei (pas toujours construit sur des réactions positives les uns aux autres).

it's a pleasure, and I will continue to share more from time to time..:thumbsup : It is true, but one can feel the same passions dear to the students and the sensei.
And the importance of transmission.

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On 8/11/2021 at 10:12 PM, DoTanuki yokai said:



if you want to buy this blade, you are unlucky it was already sold in the sales section here. 
but you are also lucky the seller is selling many other of his well preserved nihonto right now here on nmb. 


The sold one



Really ???

How did I damage this blade ? 

did you check out the one where I split the candle ?

you outta love that one too.

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5 hours ago, Greg F said:

His videos are terrible for many reasons

Oh really?

please go into Detail about how terrible I am 

can you please reference and post them all up so I get more views ?

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Sunny I didn't say that you are terrible,  I said the video's are.

As mention in the other thread Nmb is a place full of people that love Nihonto and want to respect and preserve them.

My sword training is with a Sensei and is purely for my own personal development and not to show the world on youtube. 

I love doing tameshigiri too but with Chinese made katana and tatami and sometimes pool noodles too. 

Im not a master but it is obvious to me that you havnt had a lot of training with a sensei and this puts your swords and you at higher risk of damage. 

You say they were made to be used but when they were made I doubt the smith had in mind somebody cutting noodles in their lounge room on youtube.

Surely you can understand why people are against this.

You said in the other thread that I have a pathetic life but I have a life that I wouldnt swap with anyone and consider myself the luckiest person in the world.  

Sorry but I care more about the swords that you are unfortunately the custodian of that weather you get more youtube views.



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