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  1. of the sugata and close ups of the blade should tell us, as of now i agree with RT not looking very close in the mei Dept.
  2. care to share more photos
  3. dweller like me, seems all the items have a extra set of 0s maybe someday
  4. the Max is in Indiana the show of shows is in KY....sorry http://www.themaxshow.com/
  5. Most of us have probably lost money on swords they thought were ok. Good luck. the best advice so far
  6. is a very big military show this coming weekend in KY, id go if you could make it, and just ask to look at their swords, always pull the sword from its saya with the edge up riding on its back ..mune... careful not to lean it to its ether side, pull it all the way out with one slow motion hold the blade up and use both hands on the handle, be careful not to touch the blade with your bare fingers, compare different swords you look at as to how the temper lines look, the shape of the curve...sori...the condition of the steel can you see grain pattern?, the more you look at the more you'll learn...put off buying until after books and sites have been read. read the below link and if you have the need to buy on Ebay call the doc >Ill tell you to take to shots and get off the PC, then look at it again in the morning<. its a long fun, strange, confusing and most of all, $$$$$$$ trip your about to set sail on.....have fun. http://home.earthlink.net/~steinrl/care/handling.htm
  7. anche se le mie dentro leggi sono Graziano, senza pesci de Babele il mio italiano sarebbe limitato al grazie del bene. Moriyama sama Thank for the clarity
  8. it loads and plays for me, i may have it save to file and thats why it plays...maybe a can locate it and mail to you. Its one of the better ones.
  9. I looked in all my books ..which is not that extensive...and found nothing was wondering if the ko was old and gori a misprint of giri??? got me hope someone can dig it up...interesting.
  10. does all the leg work for a reasonable price. http://www.bushidojapaneseswords.com/nbthkshinsa.htm
  11. Yes it is i was on the run this morning...wish the english page showed up on items.
  12. has anyone seen this type of blade ...with the hi on the bottom next to the ha. strange yes? :?
  13. Stephen

    removed gaku mei

    Thats just plane ugly. was the rest of the sword in fair condition?
  14. Stephen

    removed gaku mei

    The only reasion i can see for it being done this way, as no togi would do that, is that a GI coming home was told to cut off the name...who knows for sure... im having it finished off with my togi now. here is another shot of the bellowing choji hamon which i think is Bizen well see after polish.
  15. great gift, you can scan the tang of the sword also, its sometimes better to put a blank sheet of colored paper over what your scaning ...dif colors will give a dif hue...do you have any kind of photo shop ? it helps to crop as well. looking forward to more pix...
  16. Stephen

    removed gaku mei

    Thats intersting as i just sent a sword for poish that had a snipped nakago...did the one at the show have some gaku left on? my theory of why mine was cut was that some GI was told to remove the mei like many of the mums were on the rifles that were brought back. I cant wait to see what the NBTHK has to say about it. here are a few pix ...was the end of that one finished off? or left ruff like this?
  17. Still be wary as museums are known for not having there ducks in a row. post pix if the mei is close then well go from there.
  18. Here are the pix you sent ...they went to my spam folder...i croped most and left out all the ones that are blurry and repetes. Nice Tsuba to my tastes. Belive its a old shinto blade high shinogi ...or ridge line...I have all my books pack and im on my way to a gun show...someone should be able to do a pelemanary kantia from the full shot of the sugata...blade shape. Im of time check back in the AM
  19. here is the link....must of been n a hurry. Sorry http://home.earthlink.net/~steinrl/nihonto.htm
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