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  1. do you think the kesho polilsh is hiding something the blade has been mounted what four times did that bring up red flags?
  2. when you buy a sword. Now that the auction isover whats your take on this blade. Sure its gimei but is that what holds you back from buying a other wise nice wak in full polish. the price of the polish is the price of the sword. It should have given many hours of pleasure studying this. of course i did not want to stick my neck out any farther :lol: but thought more would have been there at the end. So the question is Do you buy a sword just because its shoshin? what do you think it would have come in as if the mei was removed and resubmitted for shinsa? Just curious http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 920342&id=
  3. Hayri we have more than a few UK members maybe one can step up and see if your in the same local. This link is one of the more informative web sites. feel free to ask me any question at H2obro1@aol.com
  4. Brian...i read this as only someone tugging someones leg. this has to be a joke....fess up MILT!! :lol:
  5. some big cheese can move this thread to GD
  6. He is a big name so you want to be very careful
  7. First off a one or two basics of what not to do, Never hold the blade with bare fingers, oils and acids in finger prints cause long turn damage your blade is out of polish and it not going to do much harm now but be sure to wipe off any prints and take care not to place the tip on anything even carpet, the damage to the tip is hard to reverse. It looks to me a interesting find, the Tsuba and tsuka look old and it may hold a even older blade. Next step is to remove the Tsuka ..it has a small wooden peg after drifting it out the handle should slide off to show us the nakago then we can go from there when you post more pix of the mei.
  8. but heres a tsuba with the crossed feathers http://cgi.ebay.com/9117-JP-SWORD-Iron- ... dZViewItem
  9. is on point with this...i have heard the same story.
  10. Seki Ju Ikeda Kanenori saku FYI
  11. Lots of fun mate ... you have alot of tme on your hands huh... :D
  12. Hawley 1950 kanji 1265 2625 I hope this help you narrow it down in the Meikan Seki ju ( ) da Kanenori saku....Thanks
  13. doing a Military show this weekend someone brought in a Kanenori, strange nori looks like a tada on the bottem right part of the kanji..forgot to write down the Hawley number and the book is at the show...full mei is Seki Ju (blank) da Kanenori saku...would anyone fill in the blank please ,what was interesting about it was it had gunome for about six inches then goes falt line suguha the rest of the way up to the Kissaki ....has a gunto feel but may be older Ill keep looking, i dont find anything in ToShow. ... thanks in advance
  14. be very carefull and check with the board be fore you go over board. It takes a keen eye to work thier auctions, ask any questions, none are dumb when starting out. Good luck.
  15. You have alot of Nihonto frindly folks here that are willing to help. Id be gald to if you want to emal me some pix.
  16. I was leaning with Ha maybe Hacho... 神は賛美する...with the far left kanji being added later as the strokes do look the same as the upside down T...anyway pix i asked for were posted on the auction site with out the shot down the mune or closeup of the buffed area....so im off this one bid away if you like. Something does not feel right about this. If one wants to see the link email me and ill forward it.
  17. Thanks for the Eco lession, lets see two rusty blades sold on ebay that may or may not hold good swords, lets say sale for a grand each ...everyone loves the hunt for buried treasure... a Ujifusa lets hope its shoshin sales at a sword show for 5K, being kind should be more but we dont know the conditon or if its gemei....lets say the tachi is a boysday sword...or maybe a copy but this is 1970 long before ebay and the glut of repos...ill stick with the boys day sword...let put it down on ebay at least 900.00$ 2000 5000 900 total 7900 - 1535 profit 6365.....pricesless.... show me the gun shop!
  18. im sure you can dig one story of the good ol days of finding a find of al finds. :lol:
  19. Stephen, There are a number of confusing points on this one. I can't find it either. I want to say TOMONAGA, but this does not cross check with the Meikan as a possible name. There are not enough vertical strokes, and the right half is missing an internal horizontal stroke. Sorry. Harry I wonder if Nobody can help?
  20. long after were dead and gone and all the koto are no more to be Juyo found, shinto and shinshinto even gendai will make Juyo...IMHO
  21. which sword are you talking about with the buffing...the one i got my eye on??? LOL Btw Budo-to is my ebay bidding ID
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