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  1. Ray Wow very nice ! Will keep this in mind ! First! Charles
  2. Gentlemen Am looking for a Tanto to buy for my SENSEI. Around $2000.usd, condition , as nice as 2000. can get Dressed or shirasaya Am just starting my search, but will have to buy something by Sept/Oct please show me whats available Thank you Charles
  3. Thank you gentlemen for your answers, Just getting back into the site. Charles PS- had it dressed in Sunday best
  4. Gentlemen This sword was bought a few years ago, and I was wondering , was he very prolific, and if so, does anyone have any examples of his work? Is he very popular etc , actually any info on him would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Charles L. i can't seem to turn the pics truely sorry
  5. goose710

    Display cases

    I like that! was a bit worried on film composition till the end I read you wax the items, and if not too precious a good idea! charles
  6. It looks like one of them over sized salamanders that live in streams in Japan possible? Charles
  7. Guido Schiller I have a gentleman making the Fuchi/Kashiria in iron.(plain) I do not have a theme as yet I like the dragons you posted and not unreasonably priced I will look around for a bit before deciding on what. Thank you sir for your rapid reply Charles L.
  8. Greg Yes sir same guy that finished this for me I thought he did a nice job and was easy to work with.
  9. Greg Yes sir same guy that finished this for me I thought he did a nice job and was easy to work with.
  10. Cod how not cheap please? and thanks for the reply Charles L.
  11. Grey F Thank you I love this beast! I think I was a Viking in a past life I love BIG swords! Charles L.
  12. Grey Nice! and big ! reasonable too! give me a few days to see some stuff and I very well may get back to you on these! me like Charles
  13. Gentlemen I'm going to dress a big sword and I am looking for a big tsuba, and large menuki. The sword is 33.5" long and beefy thick. If you have items you feel may fit the build , please post a pic with price here's what I got, to dress. Thank you in advance Charles L.
  14. goose710

    Offered This

    Grant I'm hoping polisher can find and bring out a hamon, correct the tip (seems messed with) and make it easier on the eyes! I hate to see blades in this condition. They deserve better. Thanks and will post as soon as i know , what is what! Charles L.
  15. goose710

    Offered This

    Gentlemen Tanto sent out this AM to polisher . Lets hope he can turn a sows ear into a silk purse (or at least denim!) Charles L. Grusovnik
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