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  1. Thanks Stephen! And happy new year Marine!
  2. Gents, Having a bit of trouble placing this Kanetada as my Shinshinto reference library is minimal. I saw mentioned on NMB on another thread that there is a KaneTada early 1800's in Hawleys. Can anyone make the match and clue me in? Best regards, Bob
  3. Here is a link to another Pawn Stars recap with a Yasutsugu in the top ten. https://youtu.be/Nq3ssQAsoRo
  4. The hada looks like a Amahide's factory mixed metal special order
  5. From the artilcle "The program only required the blades, but owners who wished to sell the swords complete with Koshirae was paid for the Koshirae as well" A change of thought that I will consider now; is that the so called "Civilian WW2 swords" with edo koshirae were more than likely soldier carried.
  6. Luis, What price did the hammer drop? It looks like a nice blade, I bet very nice to look at in hand.
  7. The samurai really wanted to keep that sword tucked in his obi
  8. Now with the new pics I like to change to a Shitahara guesstimate
  9. My first thought popping the picture open was a mixed metal art blade from Meiji/Taisho. Forgot what the proper term for those are in Nihongo. I reckon I thought that due to the contrast of the picture. Anyway, I love it and those eye popping hada blades are my favorite to collect. Best regards, Bob
  10. Pete, Danny Massy's article is a good easy way to look at the mei. If I remember right Kunisada's boshi and hada have distinctive characteristics. Maybe you can take a good close up of those areas. . The wakazashi shape, length and hamon look like a Oya blade, Post some up close pictures and maybe a pro can give you more info. I'd bring it to Chicago and submit it. Here are couple pics of a possible good mei and reference book pics I have on the puter. Best regards, Bob
  11. Gents, Bought this Hizento a while back. WW2 bring back closet piece. Has the usual nick and blemishes. It sports the high priest "Tosa" mei characteristics of circular tobayaki on one side and half moon on the other, rice grain jihada.. A tad short of the published standard katana length. I find it odd that the first chiseled character was placed so high on the nakago. However during research on this blade I have seen other comparable early Hizento where the first character was also polished over somewhat. Best regards, Bob
  12. Very Nice! I enjoyed very much looking at the blade.
  13. Very Nice! Great find Ben, let me know when you get tired of it so we can work out a trade or something likewise. Best regards, Bob
  14. Gents, Thank you for the namban links, Cool! Bazza, I agree it sure looks Yasutsugu Eichizen chiselwork. Initially, I thought the horimono work older, but it is not too worn down as much as most koto are. Jean, The sugata looks older but I agree that Nakago does not look old enough. Too bad I cannot see much to describe anything on the hada, or hataraki if any in the hamon. Also, it looks flaw free too, (Utsushi = good tamahagane/forging), Here are a couple pics of a old Oei Nobukuni blade before and after. Rusty blades need love too... sometimes.. I'm sure this will be polished by someone if not myself in the future. Best regards, Bob
  15. Fellas, Enjoyed reading the Fuyuhiro blade Rob recently won at auction. Link below. It made me think about this blade I have that has similar characteristics, condition and questions in my mind about era, school, horimono / atobori. As Ray mentioned in the other post Nakahara's Fundamental's is a pessimistic book when you get these multi character pieces. I did hit the books a bit with it but could not find my notes, but don't remember coming to a educated guess. However it seems to have been a nice sword back in it's heyday. Hoso-suguha looks good all the way, weird namban tsuba too. The guy who did the last polish did not do his best work... Best regards, Bob http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/23663-katana-for-auction-fuyuhiro-saku-w-shaomi-tsuba/page-3
  16. Nice buy Rob! She's going to be a beauty queen when you clean her up. Any story from the auctioneer about how the sword wound up North of the Boarder? Best regards, Bob
  17. DA, maybe if you used some of that chili oil you wrote about in a previous post can bring out the hamon details? Nice blade! How about a pic of the koshirae?
  18. Greg, I have some pieces. Let me unbox them and take some pics.
  19. Stephen, do you have better pics of the blade? My kind of set for sure!
  20. This one has a hole through the scabbard and the blade. Also, may come with bothersome ghost. I should sell it.... Best regards, Bob
  21. It looks like a interesting sword with plenty of nihonto characteristics to check the quality of, if it were me I'd make the effort to see it ASAP. If he's close to N.C. let me know and I'll do it. Best regards, Bob
  22. Gents, Anyone looking for a NCO sword scabbard? I have one with decent paint, looking to trade for a regular gunto scabbard. PM to swap pictures and measurements, Best regards, Bob
  23. Nice pics, good hataraki too! Nice to find them when they don't need a polish.
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