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  1. This one has a hole through the scabbard and the blade. Also, may come with bothersome ghost. I should sell it.... Best regards, Bob
  2. It looks like a interesting sword with plenty of nihonto characteristics to check the quality of, if it were me I'd make the effort to see it ASAP. If he's close to N.C. let me know and I'll do it. Best regards, Bob
  3. Gents, Anyone looking for a NCO sword scabbard? I have one with decent paint, looking to trade for a regular gunto scabbard. PM to swap pictures and measurements, Best regards, Bob
  4. Nice pics, good hataraki too! Nice to find them when they don't need a polish.
  5. Any interesting war story about your sword? Looks very nice with the new handle, congrats!
  6. Very nice! was it in polish when you bought it?
  7. John, Here is a pic of the kamon and of the blade. The kamon does not show up in my books or from my online search. Anyone have a family name to go with the officer who carried this? Blade is in good shape, cut down tachi, no nicks in blade edge. Desperately needs a polish. Looks like a tight itame / mokome with crisp nioi guchi line. If it ever is decreed to be a real Sa blade then drinks on me at the show. Best regards, Bob
  8. Bruce, Nah I wouldn't wish buying that many on anyone. , That's the armory number on both sides of the nakago. The silver kamon on the tsuka and koto blade made me go up and get it otherwise I am on a Japanese sword buying sabbatical.
  9. Gents, Ran up the Interstate to pick up sword 2178 today. A Army engineer named Munston brought it back in 45. I did not notice initially but there seems to be one character left on the nakago. Or maybe not? After consulting some references I thought maybe SA. Anyone else have a opinion? Best regards, Bob
  10. Wow Ray! You must really have you eye on something to let these blades hit the market!
  11. Bravo Francesco! There are treasure all around. You just have to look and risk capital. Could I bother you for a picture of the masame hada and nioi line? I am thinking this blade from a WW2 occupation vet has a slim chance at hosho yamato school. Best regards, Bob
  12. Fellas, Interested in this 20th cent blade Which Kane smith do you think this is? Best regards, Bob,
  13. I'll list it on my omiyage resume to move up a bit on the screening process!
  14. Gents, Chris B helped out with a kanji tag that came with this tanto. Kanewaka Kaga piece. Original post here.http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/22567-tanto-with-hi/ So, looking it over and consulting the various tomes the characteristics may place it as a shodai Kanewaka nihonto forged late in his life. Mainly I say this due to the tight itame/masame, he worked futasuji bi and bobi according to sources while the later generations did not. I suppose this blade originally was a wakizashi, but I don't recall ever seeing a wakizashi u no kubi zukuri. Was this common in a wak or just tanto? Now the thing I really liked about this particular school is what was posted on Aoi art about a Kanewaka back in the day was worth a high class samurai daughter as bride. A few days ago I got a job offer in Japan for a 2 year stint, May or may not go but, I wonder if a nice Kanewaka is worth 2 or 3 high class women 400 years later. Nihonto always go up in value right? Best regards, Bob
  15. Wow Ken! that silver one is really cool! I've never seen these at a nihonto show or the antique circuit. But it seems like they are available.
  16. Hey fellas, Did a search on NMB and read a bit on Okimono in general i.e. quality, fakes. What do you seasoned vets think of this Myochin? I can go look at it if I want to make a bit of a drive. He's asking $600 Best regards, Bob
  17. Here is one I own with the bullet going through the steel saya and the blade.
  18. Fellas, Over the last few years I have gravitated to tanto as my main interest. They usually seem discounted more so than even wakizashi and are high quality forging in a small package. I am looking forward for this one to be delivered and doing some study. You may have seen that bunch of shirasaya swords that were sold online, I place a bid a few days before end and was surprised when I won this. The antique shop said it was part of a Japanese collector's estate and that his family was selling them. Do not know why they were in NYC, and not in Japan but they all looked pretty nice and went what I thought were cheap. Best regards, Bob
  19. Chris, Nice pieces, Curious if kaigunto mounts are high end? Btw, Can you post a pic or two of field ops of Aussie gold hunts in Izakaya? Best regards, Bob
  20. Gents, Saw this on Moses's site and was surprised at the audacity of the forging on this presentation blade. A lot of things to look at when you pull this out. http://www.nihontoantiques.com/project/name-sword-fss-728/ Best regards, Bob
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