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  1. Gents, Looking at this wooden handled job tonight. Any impressions to share before I go see it. I am not spun up on last ditch anything. Best Regards, Bob
  2. Gents, I picked up a rusty wak which has a cooper tsuba with water staining. Any wipe down tips? Best regards, Bob
  3. Gents, Due to future dive dates I need to sell something, I'm offering this tanto to a new home and hopefully to someone's togishi list. $950 plus shipping. Pics, info and opinion on below link. Feel free to PM questions or additional pictures. Best regards, Bob http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/20198-yoroidoshi/
  4. For future reference; Arnold's right on the money. MitsuKiyo it is. I found one other Mitsukiyo on the web, Bottom radical is missing on this one.
  5. Gents, Thank you for the help in all aspects. Definitely not 12 mm, measured it at 7.5mm. Did some snooping around and Sesko's koto meikan has a Mitsusuke blade that was the closest match in which the Suke kanji may be what was on this tanto mei with the center rubbed off. Not much on Mitsusuke on the web, does anyone have a comparable? From NihontoClub Mitsusuke ID MIT255 Province Yamato Era Eiwa (1375-1379) ND Active Period 1375-1379 School Senjuin Source Rating Reference/Page Hawley 60 MIT255 Toko Taikan ¥6M 607 Signatures: 大和國光夫 yamato kuni mitsusuke
  6. Gents, Acquired this tanto recently. Yoroidoshi? After doing some reading I'm thinking it may have a shot at late Kamakura maybe Yamato. 26cm from Munemachi. Masame. Lots of kizu but no fatal flaws. It has a old nimei but no way I can guess what the missing radicals may have been. Maybe something looks familiar to the pros. Reserved copper samurai fittings, working man's blade I guess. I'd think it has one more light polish in her for the tanto collector. Feel free to correct and opine. Best Regards, Bob
  7. Gents, A mumei what I believe is a Shinshinto era WW2 outfitted blade. Nicely dress nakago and forging is well done and flaw free. Unfortunately sometime in it's past it has sustained damage to the ha in one area. The nicks are large but no hagire and could be repaired down the road. Displays nice and affordable. $575 + shipping Best Regards, Bob
  8. Neat, That soldier must have had extra cash and expected to swing it around some in the 40's.
  9. Stephen, any time bro. We can hit the chow hall, do some fast roping and the strip clubs. Semper Fi, Bob P.S. not my boat, I don't have one, buy antiques instead.
  10. Me Likey Likey, Stephen! your always saying your broke, Let me give the grunt some cash or Megalodon teeth! Best regards, Bob
  11. I like the look of this piece very unique and robust. Congrats on the purchase!
  12. Thanks for the translation and information fellas. Tsuba's are like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get. Barry I did think of you when I got it off as the metal had that quality look that you schooled me on a few shows back when I pull tsuba's out of my bag for expert opinion. Best Regards, Bob
  13. Gents, This is a small thick mokko gata tsuba that is on this wak i purchased recently. http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/19861-auction/ The mei is small and the radicals kind of run together, I thought maybe YASUMORI with my cheat sheets. But am probably in left field. Any thoughts? Best Regards, Bob
  14. tokashikibob


    Gentlemen, After reading the scintillating discussion on crew gunto, http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/18749-did-any-member-buy-this/?hl=%2Bcrew+%2Bgunto&do=findComment&comment=193179 and seeing a few on ebay in the recent past I was primed when this nihonto popped up. With poor pictures and dirty greasy fingerprinted blade I took a flyer and placed a bid on the WW2 civilian / gunto blade. After it showed up, I began checking for the expected hagire; first impressions where good! Was the address tag to Ms. Colby Bimore? Nope. The handle hasn't been off as it took quite a effort to get it off. Probable Masamune? Nope Mumei However, the blade has quite a lot to look at and think about it's possibilities. One side has a full Muneyaki, the other probably so. Circular tobiyaki with a tight ko-mokume itame mix. Forging is very good without openings or other kizu. The hamon is very wide with much hataraki begging for a stone rub. Yasurime is katte agari. After doing some book work I'm guessing it is a Sue Bizen Sengoku era blade with that wild pattern that was popular back then. Not too sure they made hirazukuri waks often then? I don't think it's Soshu, do you? Turn back in the kissaki is wide full hamon. Thanks for taking a look! Best Regards, Bob
  15. The guy who made it would think it's worth much more than a 50
  16. Thanks for the link to the online comic, things get slow here at work from time to time. They had some nice sharp edges back then it seems.
  17. Interesting to see how far the Chinese have progressed in fakery. Don't think it's a occupied territory piece as they would have done the tsukamaki much better at least.
  18. Stephen, Was Bar Royal on B.C. street or Gate 2? Mamasan may have valuable information in regards to this swords history!
  19. Concealed carry permit
  20. Here's a pic of Sgt Digirlamo USMC 3 war vet and his wife who was suppose to be of royal heritage.
  21. Not yet, still in the closet.
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