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  1. Nice bohi work on this one, whomever is making these is putting in the effort. https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Japanese-Samurai-Sword/232661686328?_trkparms=aid%3D444000%26algo%3DSOI.DEFAULT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D44039%26meid%3D0d587438937b4f6bb5406005b37f7bc5%26pid%3D100037%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D232651766892%26itm%3D232661686328&_trksid=p2047675.c100037.m2107
  2. The Togishi really knew how to work the hazuya.
  3. Looks good Brad, You've been looking for awhile! I would not worry about the little line, looks like a minor delamination in a area not seen. The Shinae wrinkle patch can't be seen either so that's a good thing! Nice and pointy with no chips that is the way to get them!!! Congrats, Bob
  4. Wow, The burnishing on the shinogi ji is fantastic!
  5. Anybody see the X-Files last night? That lawyer had a nice impressive inset set up for his katana collection in the wall's with set back lighting. Too bad he got his head cut off with one by the Voodoo golem.
  6. Nice file work on the nakago, tsukamaki looks like I wrapped it. You going for it Stephen?
  7. Rob, Here's a picture. Cousin if afraid to take the handle off. Probably nothing special but the price was right. The other thing I left a bid on I won which was a box of 15 & 30 round Mil Surplus M1 carbine magazines with bullets! Super stoked about that as I love my carbine and just have a couple 10 round mags.
  8. Those shodai and nidai Kanewaka blades are really nice blades, also expert horimono too if I remember right. How did the mei match up to references Chris?
  9. Gents, I left a phone bid in Nov on a Owakazashi at small local auction near my cousin's non internet. Just one picture to look at and it looked good, classic closet queen, very light discoloration in spots, maybe light rust, in shirasaya with Okissaki. They did not take the handle off and neither has my cousin. I'll pic it up on the way to Chicago. Anyway, he did send a pic or what looks like a registration card taped to it. Anyone see anything they can comprehend? Best regards, Bob
  10. Gents, In case someone needs or would like spares. $50 plus shipping and fees Best regards, Bob P.S. For military guys, If anyone is interested in a nice set of Japanese WW2 Officers Field glasses with lanyard and case you can contact me at okinawarelics@yahoo.com
  11. Thanks Stephen! And happy new year Marine!
  12. Gents, Having a bit of trouble placing this Kanetada as my Shinshinto reference library is minimal. I saw mentioned on NMB on another thread that there is a KaneTada early 1800's in Hawleys. Can anyone make the match and clue me in? Best regards, Bob
  13. Here is a link to another Pawn Stars recap with a Yasutsugu in the top ten. https://youtu.be/Nq3ssQAsoRo
  14. The hada looks like a Amahide's factory mixed metal special order
  15. From the artilcle "The program only required the blades, but owners who wished to sell the swords complete with Koshirae was paid for the Koshirae as well" A change of thought that I will consider now; is that the so called "Civilian WW2 swords" with edo koshirae were more than likely soldier carried.
  16. Luis, What price did the hammer drop? It looks like a nice blade, I bet very nice to look at in hand.
  17. The samurai really wanted to keep that sword tucked in his obi
  18. Now with the new pics I like to change to a Shitahara guesstimate
  19. My first thought popping the picture open was a mixed metal art blade from Meiji/Taisho. Forgot what the proper term for those are in Nihongo. I reckon I thought that due to the contrast of the picture. Anyway, I love it and those eye popping hada blades are my favorite to collect. Best regards, Bob
  20. Pete, Danny Massy's article is a good easy way to look at the mei. If I remember right Kunisada's boshi and hada have distinctive characteristics. Maybe you can take a good close up of those areas. . The wakazashi shape, length and hamon look like a Oya blade, Post some up close pictures and maybe a pro can give you more info. I'd bring it to Chicago and submit it. Here are couple pics of a possible good mei and reference book pics I have on the puter. Best regards, Bob
  21. Gents, Bought this Hizento a while back. WW2 bring back closet piece. Has the usual nick and blemishes. It sports the high priest "Tosa" mei characteristics of circular tobayaki on one side and half moon on the other, rice grain jihada.. A tad short of the published standard katana length. I find it odd that the first chiseled character was placed so high on the nakago. However during research on this blade I have seen other comparable early Hizento where the first character was also polished over somewhat. Best regards, Bob
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