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Massive Tsuba Sale #2

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I have created my second tsuba for sale catalogue with a price listing

The link below will enable you to see all the available tsuba




Would you please read the first page before you raise any queries


Nothing in the PDF is copyrighted so I’m happy for anyone to keep a copy or ideally pass a copy to any other interested friends or clubs


Those that remember my 1st sale will see some changes. There are some of the original tsuba available but the price may be slightly reduced and there are quite a few new tsuba


When I asked about a Tanaka or Inaba tsuba I was shocked at the prices but this sale will enable me to buy some of these higher end tsuba to improve my collection


As usual there will be a donation to the NMB



Grev UK

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T525 sold

I forgot to say PM if you want to pay by bank transfer so there will be no PayPal (PP) fees

If you use PP please pay as 'friends'

About once a week I will delete any sold items as well as adding a note here

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This was the very first Nihonto I bought, almost 30 years ago.  Although not "very special" , it was "very special" to me. It was an antique Koto  Chisai Katana in Gunto mounts. The  name on the leather scabbard was "Hiroda". So I called it "Hiroda". When the leather scabbard was removed, it had a beautiful Yanone (arrowhead) Kojiiri.  The Fuchi was also Yanone but the rest of the Tsuka apart from the Same was "LOST". over the years I have searched and searched for complimentary replacement parts. Grev's Tsuba was the Cherry on the top. Small enough to fit a Chiisai Katana perfectly. I am so happy. Now looking for an Yanone Kozuka. 

Thanks Grev

Thanks Joel.

(P.S. Joel - hope you also "Love" your purchase from Grev?)

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Hi Grev


The tsuba finally made its way through the storms on the east coast and arrived yesterday.  Thanks for your advice on sizing to ensure I purchased a tsuba that worked for me, a pleasure doing business with you.



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I recently bought a tsuba from Grev for a good price.

It arrived a few days later and was better than on the photo.


Great seller!


Paul v

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