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Help please with mei both sides

drb 1643

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Robert has it right: Dewa-no-kuni jūnin Taikei Shōji Naotane (kaō)

Date of Bunka 14, Autumn. (1817)


The last line is a cutting test inscription.

Same year, December 26th, at Senjū (in suburbs of Tokyo at that time).

Performed the Tai-tai cut


(although here its spelled incorrectly. It should be 太々.)

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Thanks Steve.  Tom, you should know that Taikei Naotane is one of the most famous Shinshinto smiths, and if yours is genuine, it will be very valuable if it is healthy.   If you post clearer close up photos of the signature you can get advice as to whether it is clearly a false signature or has a chance to be genuine, in which case it would be worth submitting the sword to shinsa for authentication/appraisal.  

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Possible to get pictures of the sword itself? Full shape, and then some close ups? 

Usually you look at the sword first, and then the signature. The reason for this is that with a bit of practice, anyone can learn how to forge a name. But swordmaking...this is something that isn't easily faked. 


Here is a Naotane sword from the same year as the date on your sword for comparison.


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Looks very interesting. The hamon on the right side is different from the hamon on the left side. Do you have a sword club or shop nearby where you can take it to somebody who knows Japanese swords? It looks to me like it was made by someone very skilled. Skilled at the level of the great Naotane? Hard to say, but 1818 would be an early sword for him. I would be considering sending it to Japan to get authenticated.

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I remember seeing another excellent tachi mei Naotane dated, over 40 years ago with same bold strokes and identical yasuri-mei. Besides being dated it had an inscription referring to  5000 years ?..................... all I can recall. Should make it easier to locate in Juyo listings etc.  Length was around 28 inches plus. 

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19 hours ago, Surfson said:

Naotane was a chamelion like Masahide and Sadakatsu.   I have a naotane in Yamato style, and I think he worked in the style of many major schools.  What does it tell you Jacques?  


At that time, Naotane was doing Bizen style (Kagemitsu to be precise). Does this hamon match?  

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