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  1. When someone asks the vendor about this, please post the response here. Thanks.
  2. To help newbies spot these fakes, perhaps a list of the obvious things to look for that make it clear? Some fakes are easier to spot than others.
  3. I was a regular seller on Ebay until they changed the shipping charge policy and starting taking a cut of that part too. Have not sold on Ebay for many years.
  4. Stephen, How many others were bidding on this piece besides you?
  5. Brian, you are probably right, the prices are high. But, have you checked to price of real estate and other collectibles lately? Worldwide inflation.
  6. The general officer's "TSUDA ECHIZEN NO KAMI SUKE HIRO" and dated to 1681. Currently bid at around 15k USD. looks like a nice piece to me. Might be a good addition to someone's collection. Needs better closeup photos like you say.
  7. Good question Nathan. "Perfection" is a goal, not a state of being.
  8. Nathan, you could make the seller a fair offer then try and meet half way. The seller won't be offended imo so long as your offer doesn't seem like low-balling. I think it's a nice piece, myself.
  9. Your order has been canceled Order 31139 was canceled at your request and your payment has been refunded . Refunded Items Antique Nakago Section with a Poem carved × 1 Refunded ¥62,000 Subtotal ¥62,000 Shipping ¥2,400 Total ¥64,400 JPY Paypal ¥64,400 Refund Paypal - ¥64,400
  10. Koichi, actually my question was about the manufacturing process; that is, the process of making the blade itself. Not the names of the people or the historical facts. If a blade like this was to be made today, would the carving be done after the blade was polished or before?
  11. Koichi, a question; when was the design on the blade done? Was it carved before or after the polishing and who would have done it - an artisan?
  12. P.S. I once taught English-as-a-Second-Language to native Japanese speakers. The English articles (a, an) are difficult for them to learn.
  13. As Brian says, "There are [a] Few Cracks" seems to be a standard "cover your butt" line in these listings. So, it's probably okay. Hope it all works out for the best, Andrew.
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