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  1. Not attachment instructions but at least a photo of how it is properly threaded . I personally haven't had good luck with leather conditioners, particularly on older leather and have actually done more harm than good. Others may have advice on a safe product. Happy to see the tassel/knot is in good condition. Non-commissioned officers Gunto 1935 (Type 95 Guntō)/title> (ohmura-study.net) Dave M.
  2. $ 526.00 price tag according to Vajo's post .
  3. dwmc

    Tourist piece

    Yes, an interesting little group of items Grev , not to mention the ivory netsuke. However, most of us have a limited budget to varying degrees... Painful for now, but something most all of us have experienced... Dave M.
  4. Well, there you have it Trystan, a buckle knot/tassel on a iron guard NCO. You can never know for sure as to how these things occur. I guess I'm a bit like Dave R. and am reluctant to change something if there is even the slightest possibility it is how the WWll owner intended it, even if it was not "officially correct." I mentioned I had sort of a "gut feeling" the non-buckle tassel was original to the sword , but only because the leather looped around the sarute has the appearance of being in that position for an extremely long time. Who knows...it will remain as is for now. Thanks again, Dave M.
  5. Thanks Trystan , According to guy in possession of the sword for many years, he claimed it's the tassel which as always been on the sword. I personally had nothing more than a "gut feeling" the tassel, while not the official tassel as Hamish suggested , for what ever reason was original to sword. If you've have seen others, it's apparently not that uncommon. Much appreciate your generous knowledge, Dave M.
  6. Excellent, I was hoping it would be a NMB member !!! Looks great, congrats, will look forward for additional pictures ! Dave M.
  7. This NCO tassel just sold yesterday. I actually thought it might bring an even higher price, but as you say, you can never really tell from pictures it's true condition. I have a feeling the one on the sword now may be for what ever reason, the one that was on it originally, but who knows, will keep a look out for future buckle type. I now see how the buckle type tassel would be the only kind to attach to handle properly... Japanese NCO sword Tassel Portepee early model | eBay You got a good price for yours !! Dave M.
  8. There's a very nice early "buckle" type leather Tassel with 11 hrs. left on ebay right now. Offered by Pcay, currently $202.00 , considered putting a fairly high max. bid. However, it occurred to me, it may be one of the board members, possibly one of the long time 95 enthusiast is a possible bidder, therefore , I won't bid. If it is one of the board members, Good Luck, hopefully it won't go crazy high $$ !! Dave M.
  9. Appreciate the compliment Hamfish , as I mentioned previously, I almost stumbled on to the sword ( not literally ) by accident. It was in a small shop a few miles from where I live. It had different characteristics from what I was used to seeing in Type 95's, green paint color, etc.. Everything looked somewhat right, but I was apprehensive because it was almost too good. However, I decided I can't pass it up, and appreciate you guys on the NMB for confirming it's not a reproduction ! What I understood from the seller, the original owner said the tassel was the one that has always been on the sword. I'll keep a look out for the buckle type, I was curious as to whether current tassel was correct. Hey, thanks again, Dave M.
  10. Thank you Ron, The sword had the tassel on it when I purchased it, and felt as though it was a excellent bonus to the transaction! Thank you also Chris, Believe me, it will remain in good care!
  11. Thank you Trystan, Bruce, and E.M. This is all good news I was hoping to hear. I've read most of all of your post regarding the Type 95 NCO's and was glad to get your confirmation as this not being a reproduction or repaint. Maybe, a addition of the copper handle variant next... Thank you again Gentlemen, Dave M.
  12. Couple of additional photo's.
  13. I've had the opportunity in the past to add a Type 95 NCO sword to my collection. I recall passing up 95's even during the days they could be purchased for as low as $125.00 US or less. The only thing I can attribute not buying a 95 back then was a bit of a arrogant attitude in my younger years in thinking the 95 was somehow a bit inferior to 98's or 94's. Many of the Type 95's I would see were aluminum handles with paint missing , shiny, I thought, why would I want one of these machine made Shin-gunto imposters in my collection. I'll never forget my grandmother on occasion saying , " There's no fool like an old fool " while casually glancing in my grandfather's direction. Of course, my grandfather would ignore the allegation as though this could not possibly apply to himself. Well, I've arrived to the point where in many situations I could be classified in the old fool category. Especially when it comes to the Type 95's. For a few years now, I've come to my senses , and thought how could any Japanese military sword enthusiast not have a least one Type 95. Recently, I stumbled on to a NCO sword and could not pass up the opportunity to purchase it. The tsuka retains est. 90 % of original paint, the saya retains est. 80 % of paint and has no dents. The blade is close to pristine with a bit of rust and no chips. Looking at the construction of this sword I can't help but notice how well made it is. Everything fits almost perfectly, the design and craftsmanship is excellent. I honestly think the balance is actually better than some of my 98's. I apologize about my bloviating digression from the intended topic, but wanted to compliment all the diehard Type 95 folks. I was wrong about these swords , they are truly an honest to goodness contribution to Japanese military swords. Ok, my question to the 95 guys; The matching serial number is 80849, does this place it in the series just after the copper handle group? The tsuka is not the typical brown color normally seen, but more of a khaki green, is this a legitimate variant ? The kissaki has a yokote , is this something which was added to (some) blades? The tsuba is approx. 11mm in thickness, does this indicate earlier manufacture?? Also, there are no serial numbers stamped on ishizuki ? Hopefully these are all proper characteristics of true Type 95 NCO sword and not a reproduction or one which has been repainted ! Thanks in advance, Dave M.
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