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Maximum time between nihonto re-oiling?


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I love Swiss Army Knives (SAKs). Have about 60 of them. Oldest is a 1908 model 2. As many collectors of SAKs as Nihonto, probably more. Best reference site is:    https://www.sakwiki.com


Collectors forum is: https://forum.multitool.org/index.php/board,13.0.html


IMHO, most useful tool/knife on planet. From tiny "classic" to big 111mm SAK.  As I said above my fav is the Tinker; carry a Deluxe Tinker or Champ in a belt pouch when out or when use to go hiking and backpacking. 


You can find them at most any online knife dealer, Amazon (careful of knock-offs), Major online official Victorinox site in Switzerland,      https://swissarmy.com   


Just got my latest SAK last week: a 3d scaled Spartan of the Dying Lion of Luzern.  Just beautiful; brought back lots of memories of our time there.  Mark Twain called it "the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world".




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Decades ago, I took a schooltrip to Washington DC. We visited the FBI building. They checked everyone on entry. I  of course had a pocket knife. It was just under 3 inches so no problem. It was a Spiderco. I  always carry a knife that you can open with one hand. It make it much easier to use. These days, I am carry a Kershaw.

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Kershaw are good (have several), don't like Spyderco (no holes in my blades:-) More into good old fashion slip joints - esp SAKs.

BTW, today you couldn't get near the FBI building with a straight pin, much less a knife!


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