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Mauser C96 With SMR Railway Stamp?

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Some pics with sources shown. Multiple images of Chinese soldiers using Mausers. SMR was in China, and the various railways had their own police/soldier guard units. So it's definitely within the realm of possiblities that one of the raiways (there were more than just SMR) stamped this weapon.





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China bought, used and also made their own C96's in huge volumes. Imported a crate of old ones many years ago, everything from German Schnellfeuers to crude Chinese made ones.
Stands to reason some would be used by SMR and engraved as such.

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very strange!


i have never ever seen this model ( in 8.-  9. - Flobert-  and 3.0 Mauser-//// with such carving-/-/ filing marks ever!


Also, i just do remark, for the original first 3 generations one, the Hammer is not authentic! ( latter ones are either not relevant...)


somehow ( very!) :) strange to my eyes...but yes? who knows...?


( i won´t buy or own it for shure!...it does rather look cinematic for me ? )


maybe a "Star Wars" cinematic weapon....worn by a Mandalorian,or a Stormtrooper !  LOL!



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On 7/16/2020 at 11:54 PM, Bruce Pennington said:

From a post on the Gunboards forum: https://forums.gunboards.com/showthread.php?1160751-South-Manchuria-Railway-pistols


Wondering if anyone knows of the Japanese using German Mausers during the war? The railway stamp COULD be South Manchurian Railway.




Hers is a blueprint photo from Showa 12 year(1937)of an Electric locomotive for coal mine use, it has an SMR logo with an outer circle. Kind of like the mark on that C96.



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