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  1. David I really don't understand why you need to continually stir the pot. This post had absolutely nothing to do with your disdain for some "professional tsuba makers" nor being bullied etc. You don't seem to be able to help yourself from causing problems. The way that Brian handled that smart assed comment from you was pretty nice and I gotta tell you if I was the admin I would have booted you for it. There is absolutely no need for you to act this way. BTW didn't you say you were done with this site a couple of months ago and wouldn't be posting again? http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/16293-higo-tsuba-肥後鍔-dandyism-expressed-through-iron/?p=170810 I hope you can figure out what it is like to participate in a civil way without constant getting your feelings hurt and throwing your comments around. If not why don't you make good on your threat to not post here anymore.
  2. Pete our lectures and displays are always informative but I also think we could do a better job of educating here in the USA. As you said this August will be the first time we have had a general membership meeting to discuss the club and its activities. In my opinion we have so many opportunities for education but we really don't capitalize on any of them outside of the shows and the monthly newsletter that comes from Japan. The internet could be used but today is not really at all.
  3. I am liking this term of "sea salvage". At the shows of late I have seen a lot of things I thought might be sea salvage, sounds so much nicer than what could be said. :-)
  4. Somewhat hard to say exactly what school made this. I would think this is late Edo period work but could fall into several different schools. It has seen better days in regards to condition and has been allowed to rust at some point that has degraded the metal making it possibly look older than it might look if not allowed to rust. Based on the motif you are probably looking at a choshu piece if I had to guess. The waves do remind me of some mito pieces that I have owned so maybe that could be a possibility as well.
  5. Thanks to all who participated. I've heard from most of you that got the book and it is jam packed with good info on the very large and prolific Choshu school. At this point I think we are done with this one so if you are interested in a translation of the book going forward you should get in contact with the translator - Markus Sesko at http://markussesko.com I don't know if it will be available to anyone outside of the original group but you can discuss it with Markus. BTW another nod to Markus who continues to translate things at such an incredible speed and has really made available some fantastic information in English.
  6. FYI the Sydney group never got back to me after they said they would investigate it. However I did email the folks I deal with in London and they were much more concerned about the lot. They did send an email back and confirmed that these were reproductions and that they had seen a few that were submitted to them and rejected in London apparently. The nice folks in London said they would make sure the Sydney folks knew.....
  7. jlawson

    Is This A Repro?

    Yes, Chinese and made last week.
  8. How would they Rob? And if they did who would put credence in their opinion? We've already established that they even have complete fake items in their auctions because of a lack of knowledge or review of the items. Determining whether something is Gimei requires much more knowledge.
  9. I don't think there is any malice in this just them not doing their homework when listing pieces. I would not hesitate to buy from them as they do stand behind their items if they are not what they appear to be. I do also agree though that they should have experts in each field reviewing their listings (at least at a basic level). I found the same issue when they list tsuba that are "made by" vs tsuba that are "signed as". The level of knowledge required to attribute whether or not something was made by the smith that bears its name is no small task and very few people are able to do do that with credibility.
  10. Still it is kind of ridiculous that they got in there in the first place. Curran I agree the New York group is much better however I also bought a tsuba a couple of years ago in a heat of the moment during an auction in 2012 and when I saw it in hand it was an obvious fake as well. Bonham's took it back and refunded the purchase but still, it must have passed some review and was in their auction.
  11. FYI Pete I had sent an email to them when I first saw the auction. The email I got back was "Thank you very much for alerting us regarding lot 156. I will have the pieces checked by our consultant."
  12. Just got an email for a new sale for Bonhams. Pretty sad state of affairs when Bohams lists 5 obvious fake Chinese tsuba as 19th century Japanese. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22857/lot/156/ Not exactly sure who is curating these sales and validating the items but they need some education.
  13. Unfortunately you have to re-submit likely. It does not hurt to send them a letter with all the info and request another paper but Ive never heard of anyone being successful. Rather I know someone who had a very nice Daisho that lost the Tk Hozon papers and was unable to get replacements even though they had the scans of the originals and all the required info.
  14. FYI the translation is done and everyone should have gotten an email from Markus today with instructions. Please touch base with me or Markus if you did not get your email. Thanks for everyone's support on this project.
  15. Super nice guy that went out of his way to find great books. Sorry to hear of his passing.
  16. For top quality items the market is very strong in my opinion. I don't see much weakening at all, unlike swords. For US collectors that surge of the dollar against the Yen has resulted (at least for me) in some great buys lately. Finding the best quality items though are very difficult to find and illustrates Curran's comment.
  17. jlawson

    New Tsuba

    Had the same issue FYI. Held up for 7 days but finally got it today. I hate the black hole that it goes into where there are no status updates online for several days. Makes me itchy that something has gone wrong every time.
  18. I have to also agree and Ford you should post a photo of the mimi if you have a chance, it is really great. I think it looks so different with the textured plugs as well and applaud you for that choice, it made a huge difference. I thought it was fantastic before but I guess it it fantastic + now. Best of luck on the competition as this one is a bit of a game changer and think it will raise many eyebrows. I think you have a winner there.
  19. Chris yes my comments were more geared to the oddball results I have seen and heard of lately so a bit off topic but in reply to Currans. I am not sure that bringing it to the NBTHK-AB would have much effect unfortunately. I don't get the feeling that the NBTHK-AB is connected to the NBTHK in a meaningful way so that they could bring up items like this (my opinion). It is kind of funny/sad because at Shinsa's here with the NTHK I have been able to talk to a judge on more than one occasion and discussed more specific attributions and had that info corrected on a paper. So Maybe the problem is access to or feeling comfortable enough to discuss with a shinsa judge.
  20. Likely not, its easier to just complain about it from afar...... :-) In all seriousness that is really a concern for me and there are several reasons I personally have not. 1. It is extremely difficult for me to consider myself an expert of such magnitude that I can argue with an organization like the NBTHK. I can most certainly disagree (and sometimes do) but I also recognize that when I submit something for Shinsa I am paying for THEIR opinion not paying for them to confirm mine. 2. The concept of not knowing what you don't know. Even with hundreds of books in my library, the NBTHK has access to information I will never have and more collective knowledge that I possess. Right or wrong on their opinions the simple fact remains that they have a lot of information to base their opinion on. Whether or not they use all of it when making a judgement it is a different story. 3. I do fear a bit of reciprocity when I submit additional items that they may be treated differently if I were to "complain too much" on previous items. Perhaps an irrational fear but it is certainly there for me. 4. Today there is not a great method/process for this feedback loop. Even if one felt comfortable to challenge or thought they had a better answer. 5. The NBTHK judges are a bit transient and the committee this month is likely different than it was a year ago etc. People have different opinions and that is just a fact. Look at some of the discussions we have here. There are also varying degrees of "experts". Unfortunately I have had the experience of getting a judgement I didn't agree with and simply waiting a bit and re-submitting to get the desired result. If there were hard and fast rules this would never happen but because these are opinions it happens every day.
  21. A better than average Choshu tsuba. Typically you see these with the Chinese landscape design but having gold highlights is a-typical for these. Choshu had 12 separate families/schools with hundreds of smiths. Kiyotaka was a better than average smith. Here is a published work in soft metal (quite rare BTW) and displays great skill. Kiyotaka Tsuba
  22. I've also experienced some very oddball results as of late with attributions on mumei items. No so much with Higo as I don't focus much there but with some other schools.
  23. I've sent the confirmation email out to everyone on this translation. If for some reason you did not get the email please send me a PM with your email address etc and let me know.
  24. jlawson

    Higo ?

    Kind of depends on why you are wanting a paper on it. Would you be happy with a paper that just states Higo? That is a possibility with Shinsa teams especially a "show based" shinsa, in my opinion. Sending it to Japan to go through a much more formal and longer evaluation period may result in you getting a paper that is much more specific however you also run the risk of just getting Higo. So the question is what is the upside of getting a paper to a generic school vs a specific attribution. Another consideration is are you wanting to sell it or keep it? All things that need to be thought of.
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