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  1. Hi Ford If I could help you I would go running! But I can not (for now) ...
  2. Hi Brian thank you very much for your quick reply, can you give me information about how to locate those sellers of which you speak? (never more in ebay). Yes!! my girl is wonderfull :-) greetings
  3. Geraint, very good point! Kevin, thank you very much for your opinion, very nice tsuba which you published, also keep your work is fantastic. Ford Hallam, the next time you buy some tosogu certainly going to ask your consulting service ... thank grandmaster. Mark Hall, thank you very much for contacting me, I will respond to your message right now- Jason very interesting what you say Peter thanks I'll try, I wish I could see a congress or an exhibit in Spain, I have always felt very alone here. Jean, ohh! It is a great comfort to me!
  4. Hi friends something unexpected happened, yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend about what happened with my first Tsuba purchased in zen-gallery, and she confessed to me that she had bought a gift for my birthday it is is in November), she bought me a kozuka. Can you imagine where she bought it? yes, zen-gallery, now the big question is, is a genuine piece or other reproduction? excuse me if I do not stop to ask your opinion, http://www.ebay.es/itm/B9211-Japanese-Samurai-Edo-Antique-Nami-zu-Great-Signed-Kozuka-handle-/221889521971?hash=item33a9a56933 Greetings Eloy
  5. Hi Brian uff that relief ! at least I can move forward and further research .. thank you very much.
  6. Hi Friends! this is the second Tsuba I bought, in the first seems I was wrong and I am now worried me wrong again... is on its way from Japan, will come to Spain in a few weeks about http://www.ebay.com/itm/Great-Japanese-Edo-period-Samurai-Antique-Tsuba-Sacred-lion-Yokoya-school-A863-/291539433695 Could you give me your opinion? Thanks
  7. Hi Ford, thank you very much, your opinion is important to me because I admire your job,, well, I hope it serves to learn ...never again will I buy on ebay Tosogu. I want to show my second Tsuba, I hope I have been luckier this time ... Thanks everyone for your help
  8. Jean, I am sorry, I did not know about sign, since I have solved. Stephen, yes you're right, I will write to tell me they see, Ford Hallan could you give me your opinion please? I am a follower of your work Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi jlawson , thanks for your recommends... It is strange because eBay seller has over 5000 positive feedback and 0 negative. the age should be between 1800-1849, Do you think I should ask for a claim? I leave the link to the store where I bought it. http://www.ebay.es/itm/221839204293?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Could anyone else to review? Thanks you very much
  10. Hello to all lovers tosogu, I'm starting to ride in this wonderful art and I would like to please someone recommend me where I can start studying this wonderful art, theoretically (if you know somewhere in Spanish would be great) .. .puesto I intend to go about doing a small collection of pieces. I know it's very complex, also would like to share with you my first Tsuba to know your opinion ... Many thanks friends!
  11. I think you are right, I paid 100 euros for it, so do not expect much, because you have helped me find out.
  12. hello forum friends, I am a new member and wanted to get help on a Wakizashi I bought, I would like to know your opinion, I sold it as ancient Japanese, but I'm not sure, the blade is Damascus, and parachute that has some old, what do you think you? Here, you can see my little colections, http://www.flickr.com/photos/eloycardenasbellido/ thank you
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