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  1. There is room for everyone in the NBTHK-AB in my opinion regardless of whether they are interested in preservation, appreciation, or collecting. The unifying across all is a love for the items and sincere search for knowledge about them. For many of us who are members and even officers of that organization we spend a lot of precious time trying to foster those ideals as unpaid volunteer efforts to try and do everything we can to see this hobby not only survive but thrive.
  2. Peter I disagree with your assessment that it was a failure to USE it. You simply do not know what you are talking about. The event was attended by 90+ people and we did USE it as an education tool to enhance the mission of the NBTHK-AB. Additionally, there were professional photographs taken of several of the items and some of them will be available on the members only section of the NBTHK-AB site. More importantly I have to say I am somewhat disappointed that you think that just because you are a member of the NBTHK-AB that you are entitled for that organization to provide you with photos for an event you did not attend. What I think you fail to understand is that these items were provided as part of personal collections and are not owned in any way by the NBTHK-AB. So ultimately it is up to the owners of the items if they want those photographs published on the internet etc. Let me also remind you that it takes a tremendous amount of work to put on these presentations, not to mention significant cost and risk of damage for items, loss etc so when I see posts like this it is really disappointing to me personally to hear the complaint vs the thanks for going to all the extra work with absolutely no personal benefit. I also want to say these are my personal thoughts and not those of the NBTHK-AB.
  3. Barry the swords were all mumei koto katana and juyo to specific schools. Tegai, Taima, Hosho, Shikkake, Senjuin with multiples of each. One of the juyo hosho was signed but just gold attribution and Hosho likely had other characters removed at some time). One the Shikkake did have a Norinaga attribution on the sayagaki but not on the Juyo Zufu.... Hope that helps.
  4. It will be Saturday as part of the NBTHK-AB exhibits. The time allotment is from 1-3 although there are 2 displays. 1 mentioned above from 1-2pm and the other will be a lecture on Yamato swords where there will be 6 Juyo examples of Yamato swords from the different schools in Yamato from 2-3pm.
  5. Also forgot to mention that I heard from many sellers that there was apparently a bit of pent up demand and lots of activity and sales that occurred. I also heard that the tachi display that Mark did was great although I did not get to attend.
  6. A great job and hats off to Mark for pulling off a show in record time with lots of changing restrictions and guidance. I flew up for the day and saw some friends, bought a couple of things. It was great to get out of the house after a year and interact with sword friends.
  7. I think the one you are referencing Mark is not available on the site because it was sold a little while ago......
  8. Heard this evening that the 2020 DTI has been officially cancelled.
  9. Very flashy items for the most part that were made for Meiji export and unfortunately lots of Gimei. I bought a few that appeared to be correct.
  10. jlawson

    papered tsuba

    The vast majority of signed pieces simply for signature validation and future sales. For mumei there is not much use unless it is an important piece etc.
  11. The info online is correct. Going to be a weird schedule Nov 1,2,3rd. I got confirmation when I was in Tokyo.
  12. BTW all, great book you should get it. Danny has done a great job in photographing and cataloging some great swords. Got mine and it has some beautiful blades in it.
  13. The pictures are wonderful but I have to tell you in person and in hand these are incredible. I had a chance to look at them in Tokyo a few weeks ago.
  14. Peter here is an example of a re-purposed older tsuba that great care was taken to preserve but also add an artistic element in later years. The original tsuba is a mokume tsuba that was likely pretty plain perhaps with the spider web but likely was just a plain mokume tsuba originally. Signed by Myochin Munesada who was famous for this work. Then many years later the entire tsuba was wrapped in shibuichi to create another side and a great spider demon was carved on it. Signed by Teruaki. It is anyones guess what may have happened to the other side. Was there damage to it or was it just plain and this was a way to "bling" it up.
  15. Very good show in my opinion and a big thanks to Fred W. as it is a bunch of work to organize. Brought 6 blades, bought one at the show for resale and sold them all before the show was over. Flying home with an empty gun case. Bought some great tsuba, as well as some other artwork. Everyone is looking older and some familiar faces didn't attend but overall was the same suspects. Great lecture put on by the NBTHK and lots of catching up with old friends.
  16. Sorry but I think you are about 26 hours too late to buy them......
  17. Not sure I can provide any better photos than Mike did on his site.
  18. Have been dealing with them for many years. I bought a great Tsunenobu tsuba and neat Iron Okimono of a puppy signed by the same artist from them at the DTI in November. Very nice folks and have been always satisfied with my purchases from them.
  19. It was reported that he died several years ago, the site is a phantom out there.
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