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  1. This could explain why the plates don't show signs of taka-niku, Luc - as one would expect with a Yoshi-ryu kabuto.
  2. Shogun8

    Edo period armor

    Thanks for the additional detail, Gary!
  3. Wonderful and rare armour, Gary! If the menpo is indeed signed, that would be even more special. There are other Zesai armour with similar characteristically Iwai menpo, but they are not signed.
  4. Another interesting menpo... Please provide more pics when you have the chance...
  5. I agree - the menpo seems unusual and interesting...
  6. Shogun8

    Edo period armor

    Hi Gary, Can you explain what you mean by this? John
  7. During these times, the postal service has been incredibly slow. I had a kabuto stuck at the post office in Japan for over a month and then when it finally did leave, it got stuck again in the Canadian p.o. for over another month. USPS is just as bad, so I'd give it a little more time.
  8. Shogun8

    Kaga Dou

    Barry, Any pics of the entire menpo?
  9. Adam, I think you did very well with this menpo. Yes it has condition issues but as Uwe says it's a good, honest menpo, I think of the Iwai school which is one of my personal favourites. Don't know if the tare is original, but here's an image of a hanbo I have that has an original chain mail tare. One difference that I notice is that the holes of your menpo are located in the middle of the mounting plate whereas on mine the holes are near the bottom edge. The mail of your tare definitely shows some age in keeping with the age of the menpo and your menpo is definitely earlier than my hanbo, which probably dates to the late Edo.
  10. Shogun8

    Eboshi Kabuto

    Agreed Ian. These Western kabuto were rarely signed and I've never seen or don't know of any signed eboshi in particular.
  11. Unfortunately, these kind of mistakes seem to be happening more often with me lately, Ian!
  12. Hi Adam, Ian is absolutely right, the dō is of course a nuinobe dō, my eyes strayed to the other details of the dō like the muneita, waki-ita and oshitsuke-ita and I completely ignored the fact that this dō does not have the most important characteristic of the mogami type - the 4 hinges and 5 sections. Brain freeze! That's what you get when you're trying to send 3 emails, answering texts and Messenger and browsing NMB at the same time! Still, a nice example of a nuinobe dō. Apologies for my hasty and careless assessment and Ian - thanks for not jumping all over me!
  13. Adam, When I read the first few lines of your post, I was almost afraid to see what you got for your $380. You actually did very well, IMHO. It is indeed a mogami dō, which are not common and yours is much better than most examples that I see. Yours is ubu and looks to be from the early Edo period, perhaps even late Momoyama. Well done!
  14. Hi All, To repeat the subject line, I'm looking for an Edo period maedate with a hyōtan or gourd motif. If you happen to have one available, please let me know via PM. Thanks, John
  15. Shogun8

    kabuto restoration

    Not to my knowledge. Andy Mancabelli does restoration work and he sometimes returns home stateside occasionally, but he's mostly in Japan.
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