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    Tsuba arrived

    How about I re-phrase and say (I think) it is Kinai... I have some that are similar. It also shows some choshu traits as well.
  2. jlawson

    Tsuba arrived

    It is Kinai although unsigned. Design is done quite a bit and the color of the steel is a tell for me as well. Nice Tsuba Stephen.
  3. Could be a stylized Mon? I imagine it is stronger than you think and less fragile than it appears. Practical - probably not but it is unusual and I like it...
  4. That is correct EMS still works. I can verify. However I have had things in limbo for some time with EMS in the past and their tracking doesn't work very well and sometimes not at all. It is a bit of a risk shipping with them but seems to be the only choice right now.
  5. Pete, can you imagine someone doing this with the checked bag concept? I don't want to even think about the liability of having several other peoples swords wind up missing because the baggage handlers got "nosy".... One mistake and their "business" is over as the Airline would likely only give them $500 per package for a lost bag. Another option though: I have taken a private charter out of Japan, once to Shanghai and another time to Hawaii. In that scenario I could load up a bunch of peoples swords and then ship them via Fedex when I landed etc. However that "trip" costs about 28k. You would have to bring back ALOT of swords to offset that cost. :-)
  6. Alan, as I said before there are varying levels of quality in Juyo swords. Your comment and example of buying Juyo Ichimonji blades in Japan for less than 50k, is a bit irrelevant. There are ones on US sites for less than 50k as well. You cannot assign a value to a blade purely based on the paper it has gotten. Even if we take the "juyo Ichimonji example" you gave, there are some that are worth 40k and some that are worth 200k. It all depends on the work, condition, and rarity. In reference to your going back to my statement about the 15k juyo, that is absolutely the lower end of the spectrum in this hobby for juyo blades regardless of where they are being sold. There is a reason blades like this are priced as such, and the reason is that the market does not justify a higher price. You can bet that anyone especially a very successful dealer in Japan would not sell a sword that is worth 100k for 15k just to get the sale etc... Ask other folks that buy the higher class swords and they will tell you the same. BTW I kind of hate that we have gotten off on a bit of a tangent regarding a notice by Tsuruta San as my comments are broader in nature to the overall market and all dealers, certainly not focused on his shop or merchandise.
  7. My 3 others arrived today via EMS. interesting new sticker on label on them though about them containing dangerous weapons. Seriously.
  8. I got one from Japan To USA via Fedex this week so appear to have been very lucky. I have 3 others that are in transit although not sure what service they are being shipped with at present.
  9. For a wonderful juyo sword you are likely going to be spending 2-3 times that amount. For a masterwork you could spend 10 times that number or more. Take a look around at other websites etc and you will see. It is certainly a gut check moment when you consider spending more on a sword than you did your first home.
  10. Steven M, unfortunately your thoughts about the 15k sword are what I am talking about in regards to one of the barriers of entry in this hobby. Also just an FYI for you a 15k Juyo is probably one that you don't want to own. There are varying levels of quality even in Juyo swords and that is the bottom of the barrel so to speak.
  11. Barry, I received a Juyo blade that I got while in Japan at the DTI yesterday via Fedex. Hope that is not an anomaly as I am expecting 3 more.....
  12. Grey I think you may have missed my point. I also agree with you that money will seek out and acquire quality in all fields, in fact I said something very similar in my post. The issue I see is that the universe of qualified and ready buyers is shrinking due to them getting older and the number of new students not outpacing the ones who are exiting. Look around at the sword shows, we are not as many getting younger students, and we are all getting older. I am 41 and am in the younger crowd in the room. Looking at us where we used to support many shows nationwide we struggle a bit supporting 3. Since I know you are involved, how many folks are in the JSSUS now compared to 15 years ago? Could not agree more with you Jean that these are works of art not pebbles but to the example of the paintings as well: most everyone has an oil painting in their home, but a minute fraction of that number has a Japanese sword. Same can be said for any niche hobby.
  13. There must be a market for such things in order for prices to remain high as well though. Hate to say this but scholarship for Japanese Swords is in serious trouble based on years past. We are not bringing sword students into the hobby and people are exiting the hobby faster than being replenished. In addition your comment about veterans also holds true here as well. The old days of being able to get into the sword game for little money and finding a treasure are going away. This is a very expensive hobby that takes years of study to get to a level where one should be knowledgeable enough to buy. Although it may be argued many young folks don't have the patience for this type of study for a hobby. In addition, this hobby at its purest form is a very expensive proposition that exclude so many young people from become true students. Which causes them to buy without knowledge, get stung on a purchase, then swiftly exit front he hobby because they were "taken advantage of". Do not get me wrong I still think there will be a market for the best of the best of items (as there is in all hobbies) but the universe of people buying them will become smaller and smaller creating a buyers market. Just my .02
  14. Since they did away with their Japanese art department a few years ago this surprises me a bit. In fact many of the people that are at Bonhams now came from that department. It seems their prices are reflective of when they exited the business a few years ago. I imagine there will be some disappointed parties on the other end of this sale in regards to what sells for what price etc.
  15. Super Deal there Ed. Someone should jump on this.
  16. The ko-osafune seemed to fool most everyone, thinking Ichimonji.
  17. jlawson

    Daisho Kinai

    Interesting tsuba of kinai. The mei were likely not cut by the same hand and are later generation. Kinai tsuba vary in quality and most people only see the lower quality i.e. mass produced tsuba that there are so many of. There are fantastic examples of carving from kinai and are held in high regards in Japan when you see the very fine work.
  18. Great job Ford. Curious as to what will or has happened with this tsuba since the movie. Did it go back to Japan for competition?
  19. jlawson

    Rai Kuniyuki

    One correction there , I should have said weakness in the hada vs just over polishing etc.
  20. jlawson

    Rai Kuniyuki

    Yes very interesting. I also find it amazing that the Rai jigane is associated with weak core steel showing. I have heard often that this is the Rai jigane when it is just ground down from many years of polishing etc. I have seen many Juyo and Tokubetsu Juyo that have spectacular jigane and absolutely no weakness. It seems that in the general collecting world when we discuss the "rai jigane" we are talking about a rai sword that has been over polished etc. Seeing the healthy versions of these swords absolutely destroys that myth and the rai jigane takes on a whole new meaning.
  21. It was a great show and thanks to all who helped put it on. The light booth was something that we have needed for a long time and made it such a treat to see blades in different lighting modes instead of having to take blades outside etc as I have done in the past or searched for that one elusive bulb to see what I needed to. Great cross section of blades and fittings. Curran, yes Masa was there for the first time from his shop in Kyoto and brought some very nice fittings and based on his table sold quite a bit. Also a nice change to see additional Japanese dealers selling vs our standard few that come over and prowl for buys.
  22. Looking for top level work in Echizen Kinai tsuba. Please send me a Pm with photos and price.
  23. Should have read a bit closer there as there was a link for the discount site in a prior post. Ordered and downloaded, thanks.
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