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    Late war remount, don't do anything in a hurry!
  2. I have one with black lacquer on it and am rather interested as to what was going on there. The photo is a bit flat, but in hand the detail and the gilding of the tsuba are in unusually good condition.
  3. A good article on the subject here..... http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/acid polishing.html
  4. Probably made as a traditional blade for a shin-gunto then, and since remounted in Buke-Zukuri mounts. Nice one to have.
  5. Well it's not a gunto, which is a military sword, but it is mounted as a Katana. If it is Japanese made then by law it has to be traditionally made any thing else would be an illegal weapon, but........
  6. See if anyone sells Polish "Spirytus" aka Polish Vodka.... The link is just to clarify what I am referring to. https://www.theliquorbarn.com/polmos-spirytus-rektyfikowany-192-proof-750ml/
  7. "I strongly suspect that we use most of these terms in a different manner to any Japanese, collector or non collector.".... I noticed that Mr Ohmura refers to traditional swords not mounted in Military mounts as Uchigatana.
  8. I had a traditional bladed gunto mounted sword with that very same issue.
  9. Evidently agreed with Henry Wilkinson, but unaware of his work on swords.
  10. Repairs? Or were some originally in Showa era Buke Zukuri munts.
  11. Got it! On my version of NMB I have to click a button to open up some functions.
  12. an you post a link, alas I cannot find the download.
  13. Would you like me to make one for you? Copper alloy is easier, I don't have access to a forge currently.
  14. I had a feeling that one or more of these would be yours. I downloaded these images via google search for the most part, with the intention of copying some of the more pleasing and different ones.
  15. They're a small item, and I suspect there are thousands of them in odd corners all over Japan unrecognised, unloved and ignored. Non of these are mine, alas, just images from the internet.
  16. I suspect there is a brisk market for such in Japan. You get a nice display without the hassle of licensing a blade.
  17. If you hunt this site you will find a thread about having new mounts made, with progress pics. Otherwise I suggest buying a knackered saya and taking it apart as research, and post pics here.
  18. Lets face it, ladies fit the original armour better!
  19. I have bought from here, and found them helpful and relatively easy to deal with. https://www.namikawa-ltd.com/product/131
  20. Dave R

    Ito color?

  21. Dave R

    Ito color?

    I was thinking less pure white more the cream colour.... Is there a pure white Ito anyway?
  22. I use isopropyl alcohol which can be as much as 99% pure, and is cheaper than ethyl.For oil I use Kurobara brand oil. Otherwise very much as you see posted above.
  23. Dave R

    Ito color?

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