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  1. There is a bronze age sword, now in a museum that was collected from a UK farm labourer over a century ago. He was using it as a hedging tool and the collector bought it off him there and then. Similarly my first Sikkin-Panjang was bought from a local "runner" who had again used it for a while as a hedging tool. I bought a really nice double hammer gun from the same guy. I use the term runner in the sense that he made money by scouring the locality for antiques and curios which he then took to local dealers to sell..... All very "Lovejoy" but that was Shropshire in the 1970's.
  2. Context matters, it would help to see the whole sword.
  3. I got mine from a high end spectacle shop, any good camera shop or opticians should also be worth a try/
  4. A couple of examples from Ohmura.
  5. There is micro fibre, and there is micro fibre. There is the stuff sold in the hardware shop for general cleaning, and then there is the very fine stuff sold for cleaning lenses. Face it guys the lens cleaning fabric is going to be top of the line and the manufacturers won't give a second thought to the possibility that their product is used for cleaning nihonto..... For the rest, the uchiko v other ways of cleaning convo' has been going on for years on this site.
  6. You will see others like it here. Military Swords of Imperial Japan (Guntō)
  7. As interest grows, so does the knowledge about wartime blades. It has been proposed before that the Seki stamp was just a quality stamp from the city authorities rather than a condemnation of being non traditional..... Which the Sho stamp seems to have been.
  8. It has certainly been messed about with,and the haikan reversed during the process, the saya cover is not original to the saya and has been put on the wrong way around. For me the big issue is the poor shape of the kissaki.
  9. Not so much a Gunto, more a traditionally mounted sword fitted with a haikan for use in the war. Is that a leather covered saya?
  10. Many late 19th early 20th cent. German sabres and bayonets used this type of nut. Pics of a Blucher Sable in my collection, before it was repaired.
  11. The conversion programme from type 32 to type 95 gunto will have left a lot of hilts spare. I will stick my neck out and suggest that this is a factory made or semi official trench knife/dagger.
  12. I have imported a few blades over the last year, from countries in the EU. Rarely had problems, and the biggest delay and fuss was with UPS! nb These were not nihonto, which I think have special problems because of the cheap fakes and media scaremongering.
  13. This is what I have... List of Permissible Controlled and Prohibited Items - Updated 19 Oct 2020.pdf
  14. I agree, but that said, if the blade really is a WW2 aviators dagger, it's worth money!
  15. This is a pretty big gap, is there a saya and do they all fit together otherwise?
  16. This looks very like (or may even be) the one in the Royal Armoury Leeds. In the 17th century Western blades, Solingen, included were folded and forged steel, not homogeneous! In fact it's only from the mid 19thC that this steel appears from the Bessemer process.
  17. My ten-pennyworth is that it's a theatre made fake, either by the CB's or the Australians, both groups renowned for this activity. Made to be sold to the second wave of troops who wanted a "reel samury" sword to take home. These were even mentioned in the 1960's war comics I read as a nipper.
  18. In the past when reshaping or making from scratch I have improvised a "hag's tooth router", it might not be the authentic way, but it works. It also helps if you are not practised, or have issues with your hands as I do nowadays.
  19. Ordinary rice is usually not good enough for a decent glue. I use Sushi rice and overcook it from fresh. Another issue is if the pre cooked rice is already salted, and I don't need to tell you how that can be a problem! Sometimes there are other additives as well, like veg oil to give the grains a shine, and aid separation.
  20. Read here.... http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/Sueyuki1.html
  21. They can be very helpful. The first time I bought off them I just wanted enough Honoki to make a tsuka only. They dug out a couple of off-cuts for me!
  22. I have found this place to be useful and have bought off them a few times. They take pay-pal and are OK dealing in English, and do ship abroad. I just checked and they are currently sold out of Honoki, which happens from time to time. Which is why I bought some last time, so I would have it when I needed it. https://www.namikawa-ltd.com/product-list
  23. As I understand it there are two types of sword that go under the name of "Satsuma". Swords made in the Satsuma Han with a distinctive koshirae, and swords that have been refurbished for the armoury that tend to have a very cheap mount, often of recycled pieces. This looks like one of the latter, and they are usually poor condition blades, with perhaps one more fight but no more polishes in them.
  24. A lot of conversation about that incident on the set of "Rust"! A film done on the cheap, and an almost inevitable result.... And no, it's not a necessity, some directors have not used real guns since the start of the century.
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