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  1. Hi all, picked this tsuba up and was wondering on the school and theme? My guess was Shoami, late edo, Balls of silk? 7.8cm, thick and heavy. Many thanks for your opinions Rob M
  2. RobertM

    New purchase

    Pick this up of Ebay, could someone assist with a school attribution? Many thanks Rob M
  3. I dont know the school but i like the simplicity of number 8 with the moon and clouds. Rob M
  4. Hi, just my opinion but he could probably get around the £100 mark each for the first 3 on ebay.
  5. RobertM

    Non functional

    Sorry for being so vague! I was referring to the design being interupted by the seppa?
  6. RobertM

    Non functional

    Hi Chaps, to my untrained eyes this looks well made but non functional? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171174844007? ... 1423.l2649
  7. Nice looking blade but i have to say im not a fan of the horimono. Rob M
  8. RobertM

    Size of yari

    Nice yari, any ideas why the hamon runs off the edge towards the bottom?
  9. I would be greatful for any assistance / opinions on this tsuba. I was thinking shoami late edo. Im only basing that on the fact that ive seen the basket weave design before. Most of the gold inlay is lost, 7.8 x 8.4cm.
  10. I have to say I personally don't find the design appealing
  11. RobertM

    Jingo Tsuba

    Am I missing something or is this the same? http://nihonto.us/JINGO%20SANDAI.htm
  12. Perhaps the glue holding the felt on??
  13. Just wondering if anyone has ever made their own tanto stand? Was thinking it would make a nice little project. Rob M
  14. Thought I recognised it: http://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.c ... -kamiyoshi
  15. Does anyone have any experience with a shira saya maker in the UK? Regards Rob M
  16. RobertM

    Tsuba Assistance

    So does anyone have any idea on the design?
  17. RobertM

    Tsuba Assistance

    Hi all, the rim is 5mm, the thickness at the centre is fraction more.
  18. RobertM

    Tsuba Assistance

    Hi, Its around 6cm, pic of rim:
  19. RobertM

    Tsuba Assistance

    Hi guys, Please can i get some assistance with this tsuba. I was guessing Owari Anyone able to identify the design? It's not in great shape as it has quite alot of active rust which id like to at least stabilise. Worth using bone to remove the red rust? Rob M
  20. Strange, am i missing something, there's pics of a tanto and wak? Ahhh just seen the "harry knife" part
  21. Hi Ford, you mention light waxing, what kind of wax would be suitable? thanks Rob M
  22. thanks for that. Do you know if this guy is a typical showato smith or did he produce gendaito?
  23. Please can someone be kind enough to translate this for me? many thanks Rob M
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