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  1. For the first one, the centre design a helmet crest?
  2. RobertM

    Tsuba Cross/lock

    I think a kite is plausible.
  3. RobertM

    Help With Theme?

    Thanks for all the comments, very interesting.
  4. RobertM

    Help With Theme?

    Hi George, after a bit of research i wonder if the shield shaped object is in fact a Dharma Wheel. I can just make out what could be tomoe shapes in the center which could represent the circle of life. The dragon toes are hard to make out but looks like 3. Perhaps all imagery on the tsuba is buddist related. thanks
  5. RobertM

    Tsuba Cross/lock

    I have one of the same design http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/19193-new-purchase/?fromsearch=1
  6. RobertM

    Help With Theme?

    Better pic attached
  7. RobertM

    Help With Theme?

    Hi George, closes ups attached. Would the dragon motif be a page turner?
  8. RobertM

    Help With Theme?

    Would anyone be kind enough to identify the theme? Appears to be a dragon? Flowers/plum tree, a book and a plate/mirror of some kind? The tsuba appears to have a almost black coating, thick and heavy around 8cm.
  9. I like the bottom bonsai pot
  10. Nice and short article on repairing broken pottery: http://mymodernmet.com/kintsugi-kintsukuroi/
  11. i shall also open this up to the EU. Postage not included in price. thanks
  12. Mumei Shinto Wak for sale (I would prefer to keep this in the UK) £285 inc postage and donation to the board. Previous owner describes this sword perfectly: Nagasa: 17.2" (43.8cm) Whole Length: 26.8" (68cm) Sori: 0.4" (1.0cm) Motohaba: approx 1.0" (2.5cm) Sakihaba: approx 0.7" (1.9cm) Weight 580g There's some ware, a few small nicks, scuffs and scratches, and the hamon runs rather close to the edge (especially in the boshi, where it's down to a few millimeters in some points) although as far as I can tell, it stays intact all the way. The polish is surprisingly good for a blade of such small significance, and there's two small kirikomi along the back of the blade suggesting it saw real use in battle at some point. The hamon has quite visible nie and there are tiny little activities here and there. Someone has taped a photocopy of the original torokusho to the saya. A nice custom silk shirasaya bag from Aoi-Art will be included. thanks
  13. sold, small dontation will be made to board. thanks again
  14. Crane tsuba 6.1 x 6.4 x .4cm I think its signed Seiryuken Eijyu (with a gold seal) £160 inc worldwide postage and small donation to the board. Box not included. thanks
  15. RobertM

    Forged Or Cast

    Looks good to me
  16. RobertM

    New Purchase

    Hi all, Purchased this from a follow board member. Im really liking the strong bold design. Do people agree with the Myochin attribution? Many thanks Rob
  17. Sorry Greg, no fair for me, just spent my pocket money ????
  18. Lovely tsuba, if only if the GBP to EUR rate was kind
  19. I would say around the $200-$250 mark.
  20. I seem to remember people on the forum recommending using fiber glass pens for rust removal. Never tried it myself so cant comment. thanks
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