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  1. I wouldn't have got it without the help from you guys! Rob M
  2. You guys are great, with a little searching does seem to match Kofu ju Yoshitoshi: http://www.finesword.co.jp/sale/kodougu/htm/1051_2000/1801_1850/1836/k1836.htm
  3. Thanks Thierry, Ive aslo included a close up and tried to clean it up. Rob M
  4. Hi all, Picked up this interesting tsuba from Christian (excellent seller by the way!) Could someone assist in translating the mei? thanks Rob M
  5. Bob Benson would be a good choice, never used him but i hear good things
  6. Wine Road of The Samurai - has anyone seen this film? Sounds interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine_Road_of_the_Samurai
  7. RobertM

    Eiju Tsuba?

    Hi all, am I current in saying this is also signed eiju...sorry for poor pics Rob m
  8. RobertM

    New Purchase

    Hi all, recently picked up this lovely bold tsuba in the shape of a lock. Signed bushu tamagawa nobutsune at the age of 64 that would put the date as 1829 according to Haynes. Rob m
  9. Hi Arnold, I dont have high quality but i do have a number of standard tsuba boxes without pillows. Many thanks
  10. RobertM


    Hi guys, thoughts on this would be welcomed. Thanks
  11. Hi all, Still have 10 boxes left, £12 each thanks
  12. Personally I wouldn't remove the tassel, its a shame to break original pieces up. Rob M
  13. RobertM

    Another Shoami

    Thanks Marius. Both sides also have traces of gold lines, but the design is long gone. I wondered f the cloud designs were a later addition to an older tsuba. will post a PIC of the paper.
  14. RobertM

    Another Shoami

    Thanks Christian.Does anyone have any idea as to why the different textures for each side? Rob M
  15. Hi all, im looking for Robert Haynes Auction Catalog 1984 # 10 if anyone has a copy? Many thanks Rob M
  16. 15 now left. thanks Rob M
  17. Thanks for the info, I bought it from bob a few years ago. So does the paper say efu?
  18. The reason that i ask is that the papers worksheet was corrected from efu..
  19. RobertM

    Another Shoami

    Ive had a bit of spare time so looking at some pieces i purchased few years ago. This one i find really interesting. Cloud formations inlayed in gold, silver and shakudo. Hozon to Shoami. Its textured on the front, however smooth and undecorated on the rear, perhaps to save on cost?. Im guessing mid edo with later additions of the clouds? Rob M
  20. RobertM


    Hi all, whats your thoughts on this, Shoami? Pine bark design which i understand has something to do with good luck?, quiet pleasing to my eyes. Mid edo at a guess? Rob M
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