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  1. It is quite interesting. They take 6 of the skeletons found and examine how they died. Interestingly, one was found with multiple sword strikes to his head, while each wasn't enough to kill him, a final below from behind did. Also shows the use of bow and arrow at close range and a short piece on modern day swordsmith. Try the link below, perhaps that will work for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj1VLQrXfNc rob m
  2. An interesting program, viewable for those in the UK: "The unearthing of a gruesome grave filled with thousands of skeletons at Kamakura in Japan could hold the answers to the mystery surrounding the true origins of one of the most feared and revered warriors of all time: the Samurai." http://www.channel4.com/programmes/back ... /episode-3 rob m
  3. Sorry for my vague response. I based my guess on the design as I've seen a similar designed signed bushu tsuba.
  4. Looks bushu to me rob m
  5. My Fav, Signed Bushu Tamagawa ju Komai Nobutsune Gyo nen 66 sai Rob M
  6. great work guys would anyone have any info on this chap?
  7. Hello, would someone be able to translate this?
  8. Thanks guys, could someone explain the term shippo for me
  9. Thanks to all for the information. I've been looking through various star constellations, but I guess these constellation are stylised which makes the task difficult. rob m
  10. Hi all, Would anyone be able to identify this design? Signed Kufo Ju Yukiyoshi. Many thanks Rob M
  11. RobertM

    New tsuba

    Yes I love the design. The moon is cut so finely, i guess done with a wire saw
  12. RobertM

    New tsuba

    Hi all thought id share my new tsuba with you guys. Signed: Bushu Tamagawa ju Komai Nobutsune Gyo nen 66 sai Strange as it doest look like a bushu tsuba to me..but i still have a lot to learn! Your opinions would be welcomed. http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc5 ... u%20tsuba/ thanks rob m
  13. Thanks John, quick search of the net brings up another tsuba by this guy (I hope no one minds the external link) http://www.nihontocraft.com/Choshu_Tsuba.html
  14. Thanks for the info guys. John, would that date listed be the date of death, activity ect (sorry for the stupid question, i don't have the haynes books yet) I've added a close up of the mei just for clarification. Regarding the analysis, I'm going to have to ask what the machine called. I might also try it out on some silver tanto Fuchi and Kashira from the mid 1800s. I was just interested to see the purity of the silver. http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc510/retrortm/ Rob M
  15. Yes very cool. I'm not sure if its destructive at a atomic level, but no material is removed in order to carry out the test.
  16. Hi all, purchased a new tsuba. I'm told its signed Choshu Ju Masafusa. Does anyone have any details on this guy. Also, luck has it i have access to a nifty machine that can identify the metals makeup. Tried it out on the remaining gold flecks, see attached pic. The tsuba itself unsurprisingly came up as iron with trace amounts of of other metals. http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc510/retrortm/ thanks
  17. Stunning Ford! Would love to see another of your documentaries.
  18. Hi all, Ive imported a few swords from the US to the UK without any issues. Normally have to stump up a little duty, however i was always under the impression that antiques were exempt? Theres no way to release your item without paying and if you dispute its likely going to take ages to resolve. Apart from that its all ok. Rob M
  19. RobertM

    Mei on Habaki

    Hi Roy, i came across your website last year and was curious about the habaki, thought it would make an interesting discussion here, hope you don't mind?
  20. I dont know about other people but i would be happy to pay £100 per blade for shinsa. thanks Rob M
  21. Thanks guys, yes rotating the pic would have helped, but my photo editing software appears to be written by a madman who has decided to hide the option somewhere thanks Rob M
  22. Hi, could someone be kind enough to translate what's written on this Hozon paper for my tsuba? thanks Rob M
  23. RobertM

    New Purchase

    Thanks for the response, its a real tough one to make out, I agree that its a possibility its Fuyusada. This may be a stupid question but I don't have many reference books but where there many Fuyusada's in the late Koto period?
  24. Hi, the only one ive have had experiance with is Chris James at Medals and Militaria, however it seems his website is infected with a virus on the swords tab, also when i last went to his shop in Warwickshire he didnt have a huge range, but i could be wrong. To be honest, its just as easy to purchase from the US, however you loose out on the face to face contact and the knowlege that goes with it. Rob M
  25. RobertM

    New Purchase

    Thanks guys, ive tried a bit of photoshopping to try and make it a bit clearer Rob M
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