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    New Purchase

    Hi all, So I picked up this Wak from Moses's site, nice large, stout blade, he believes the blade is Koto/Shinto singed Tomosada Saku but not 100% any ideas. The mei is very feint so quite hard to get a good pic of. thanks Rob M
  2. RobertM


    Hi, will post some more pics tomorrow. The other fittings on the pole appear to be copper with foil on top (possibly silver?) I suspect the last owner has done a bit of DIY with the bohi. Its a shame because the damage is done. There was also another naginata for sale, unsigned with a 8 foot bamboo pole obviously from the same owner.
  3. RobertM


    Why i cant get is why the small groves are so wonkey, later additional by a complete moron? Also attached pic of full pole.
  4. RobertM


    Hi, unfortunately no original sheath The pole is quite nice and has the mons all along it, same quite a lot of the lacquer has peeled in places.
  5. RobertM


    So long story short, i noticed this in a local auction, put in a small bid and won. I took a punt and lost... Naginata has what looks like original 6-7 foot pole with pealing laqure. The signature on the tang has been cleaned, but the rest of the tang left alone. Can anyone translate? Blade is pitted, no sign of hamon. Groves appear to be filled with red paint not lacqure, and the small groves are even a little wonkey, oh dear. Note to self dont blind bid on local auctions
  6. Thanks guys, 2011 it is then..seems a long way away.
  7. Hi all, I purchased this mumei tanto a few years ago, i really like it and was wondering if it was worth getting it papered at the next UK Shina (sorry to hear the sad news that it wont be this year) Are there any benefits to papering a mumei blade? Sorry for the amature question. Apart from the fact that the blade is probably late shinshinto i dont really know much more about it. thanks Robert M
  8. I agree with Stephen, i would be more than happy to donate a bit to make this happen. Rob M
  9. Hi all, does anyone have any details on a artist who singed Bishu ju masayoshi thanks
  10. RobertM

    Cast tsuba?

    thanks guys Robert M
  11. Would a small increase in the submition fees cover the missing 90 slots? just a thought... robert M
  12. RobertM

    Cast tsuba?

    Hi all, I recieved this tsuba as a present, however i suspect it was purchased from a known seller who has been the topic of some conversation on this messageboard. My main concern with the tsuba is on the inside of the rim and carvings, running down the middle is a faint line. Does this mean the tsuba has been cast? Forgive my amateur question as its the first tsuba ive ever held in my hand. Sorry for the poor photo's. Description given was Owari copper tsuba, late edo period. Many thanks Rob M Edit Admin - pics resized from huge to just big
  13. Thanks guys, excellent info!
  14. Hi all, Just wondering if there is any reference material available on the actual contstruction of tsuba? Isee many step by step photos of sword construction, just wondering if the same applies to fittings? Many thanks Rob M
  15. RobertM

    Shira Saya

    I have been wondering if a Shira Saya is essential for a newly polished blade? Surely in days gone by, when purchasing a sword the customer would not have also recieved a shira-saya with the mounted blade? Rob M
  16. Hi, Wonder if anyone could help with the translation of this scroll. is anyone able to tell the significance of the hat? thanks in advance Rob M
  17. RobertM

    Unusal Habaki

    What do you make of this?
  18. RobertM

    Unryu-zu Tanto

    Hi Dick, Do you mind if i enquire as to which polisher you are using? Not to many of them in our part of the world. thanks Rob M
  19. Hi, Please can anyone assist with this one? thanks Rob M
  20. RobertM

    Tsuba Opinion

    Hi all, I know very little about Tsuba's but something about this one just doesnt seem right. Opinions would be welcomed (ps i dont own the tsuba) thanks Rob M
  21. Hi guys, Any ideas when the next UK Shinsa will be? I know i just missed one a few months ago thanks Rob M
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