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  1. Thanks for all the imput guys. To be honest i havent dediced what to do with the blade. I cant help but feel a polish would enhance the blade and bring out the hada, but as you mention it will remove steel that will never come back and the financial implications involved.
  2. Ive been pondering on this one for a while now. I have a nice mounted shin-shinto tanto in good but old polish (perhaps 80%. The question is should i get a "touch" up polish to enhance the blade? I can fully appreciate it the way it is but cant help but think what a beauty it would be in full polish. Im based in the UK so i guess my choices are faily limited? thanks Rob M
  3. RobertM

    Tsuba Opinion

    Hi all, I wonder if i can ask your opinions on this tsuba, my knowledge of fittings are extreamly limited/non existant http://www.auctiva.com/hostedimages/sho ... 0&format=0 thanks
  4. Thank you all for you help. Robert M
  5. Would it be possbile to get an english translation? An online translation tool reads it as: 瑞気、堂に満る air, in hall full 如意寺を訪ねて Visiting the 如 mind temple 千紫萬紅 Thousand purple 萬 crimson Am i right in reading that the artists name is either Masaharu or Shoji? many thanks for your assistance robert M
  6. I apologise for being slightly off topic but would anyone be able to translate this? many thanks Robert M
  7. i didnt even know there was a UK Shinsa. I take it all the places are booked Ive had a nice little tanto that id have loved to get papered. Robert M
  8. Thank you very much for your assistance and knowledge. I have found the full poem for those interested: Mountain and river, grass and tree, grow more barren; for ten miles winds smell of blood in the fresh battlefield. Conquering horses do not advance nor do men talk; outside Jinzhou Castle, I stand in the setting sun. Emperor's army, a million, conquered the powerful foe; field battles and fort assaults made mountains of corpses. Ashamed - how can I face there fathers, grandfathers? We triumph today?
  9. Yes, i thought it was an odd piece myself.
  10. Hi Guys, Could anyone please assist in this translation? Many thanks Robert M
  11. RobertM

    Seki Smiths

    Thank you very much for the translation Nobody. Regards Robert M
  12. RobertM

    Seki Smiths

    Hi all, Just wondering if its possible to find out any more info on a WW2 smith called KaneMori 兼守. I see on Rich Steins site that his real name was 西田 林弥. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to translate that for me. I have a extreamly nice kai gunto made by him, although it is showato I still find it fascinating. I understand that showato are looked down apon due to thier construction, however i feel it remains important from a historical point of view. Many thanks
  13. Thanks for the help. Just to clarify, the 1st Kanji is Enro and the second Hisa? What does Kôkyû mean?
  14. Hey, Thats a nifty bit of photoshoping there! Actually im quite fond of the sea so if anyones got a painting of plain old waves, im your man. Complete pic!:
  15. Hi Folks, Sorry for the non-nihonto related translation. Please can anyone help?
  16. Hi i picked up a Japanese Scroll the other day but havent been able to translate the mei. Would anyone be able to assist? many thanks Rob M
  17. Hi, I apologise for the off topic but does anyone know of any english books that cover Japense scroll painting? many thanks Rob M
  18. Hi, Can anyone tell me where i can find out more about the London Shinsa? thanks Rob Marsden
  19. RobertM

    Tanto Mei

    Thanks for that. Does anyone have any info on this smith?
  20. RobertM

    Tanto Mei

    Hi Guys, Would appreciate some help on this one. I can make out Kane Naga? I was told the tanto was shin-shinto but it looks to me if its late meji early showa? Was muji hada common for tantos of this age? The tanto's been recently polished by someone in the uk and I will add additional photos when available. thanks in advance Rob M
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