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  1. Hi all, would this read kofu ju Tomoyasu or efu ju? Many thanks Rob M
  2. RobertM

    Opinion On Tsuba

    So what's the deal?
  3. 22 now left Many thanks
  4. final bump... Many thanks
  5. bump, 32 left, £12 each plus postage ($19) Many thanks
  6. bump, 40 left: now £12 each plus postage ($19) thanks Rob M
  7. Price drop all boxes £13 each ($20)
  8. No problem, dollar price added Rob m
  9. Hi all, I have available 45 brand new unused Tsuba boxes with green lining. 1 to 4 boxes: £15 each $23 5 to 9 boxes: £14 each $22 10 plus boxes: £13 each $20 Postage is extra. Can ship Worldwide. Any questions please ask. Regards Rob M
  10. RobertM

    Sanmai Tsuba

    Thanks for the info Mauro Rob M
  11. RobertM

    Sanmai Tsuba

    Thanks for the input guys. All very interesting. I was never under any impression it was of any quality, just more of a curiosity tsuba. BaZZa's is obviously very nice in comparison. Rob M
  12. RobertM

    Sanmai Tsuba

    Hi all, Its the first time ive seen a sanmai tsuba and and scratching my head trying to identify school or even age. Are Sanmai tsuba common? To me this looks like simple stamped sheets applied to a copper core. Would this tsuba once had a rim? How are the sheets fixed to the copper? opinions welcomed. Rob M
  13. Just wondering how uncommon it is to have tsuba without a solid outer rim? I remember seeing a waterwheel example which left large gaps. Rob m
  14. On another note would Bonham's confirm if a piece is gemei? I've seen some tsuba before with questionable mei's going for big bucks. Rob m
  15. Sorry to repeat but would the design be bales of silk? Many thanks
  16. Thanks Barrie, thought it would be a challenge.
  17. Hi all, picked up this shakudo fuchi, seems nice work to me, with bamboo mon. Is anyone able to identify the mon? 38mm x 21mm and it is 11mm high. thanks rob m
  18. sold, small donation made. Many thanks
  19. Haynes-Index - The Index of Japanese Sword Fittings and Associated Artists. All 3 volumes in perspex holder. £60 plus £9 postage in the UK.
  20. RobertM

    Info Request

    Thanks guys !
  21. RobertM

    Info Request

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any other info other than the data listed in the Haynes Index on Nobuyoshi H 07267.0? Many thanks Rob M
  22. Hi, is it in original polish, any flaws? Rob m
  23. Thanks for your imput chaps, any ideas on what the inlay represent? Rob M
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