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The future of auctions

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its not just acutions,  the interest in Japanese swords and realated items is dropping faster and faster.  


i have said this for years,  it will become like pigeon racing and chicken showing. prices are dropping,  new peaple not having the funds to spare and every "flipper" buying crap and trying to sell at a super profit is turing peaple away in droves. its only the crazy that stay to enjoy

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Actually, at the start you look at the total, it's scary, you have to take them out but after looking at the number, you wonder if you should have sold them in such a large batch? the buyer got a great deal in history.

On the other hand, tsuba sales are rather calm at the moment.

In France I spoke with professionals who told me that they had dozens of them and that they were unable to sell them. The difference between the price at auction with attractive prices and the professionals who sell at prices that are, for some, completely crazy.

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Try to keep positive my friend, lonely planet. 

Luxury goods and collectibles are soft right now; however, this doesn’t mean anything long term (either way).


Economy can change quickly.


Chin up, and when things are depressed…that’s when you BUY!!!!!!!

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If you do the math its 366,66 Euro for one Tsuba. Who bought and sells them 400 to 450 and some specials even more, right on the long term did make 1500 to 2000 Euro or more. For the prof dealer it might be a bargain.

And yes, seems that this spring there are low markets. But THE DEALER IS LUCKY, THE DEALER WINS.

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I think it was on ok deal, but not a bargain. $400 each. You'll always have around 10 that don't sell, so there's your profit sitting. Not crazy, but ok.

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