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Tourist piece


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Yeah, I got that bit, but where on the tanto are they?  I can't see anything on the tanto image that relates to the image with the kanji. These appear to be stamped on soft metal and I can't imagine where on the tanto they are.


All the best.

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21 hours ago, kissakai said:


I think they have an image in the wrong place and is another item as there are a group of bits in the same lot



Happy to see there was a mistake in the photo's Grev.  I was at first thinking Damn...were the Chinese producing Fakes that long ago...


Dave M.

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What a idiot

I can't remember which auction it was on

It was in a mixed lot of oriental items so a search was difficult apart from being in the UK and may be on the 14 Feb

It had an initial bid of £180

I'll try again later

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Appears to have been a fairly nice looking wakizashi at one time. Oyatsubu same kawa with interesting gold colored menuki. I suspect it would fall under the "relic" category at this point. I can see someone adding it to their collection study piece. Possibly worth a couple  hundred Euros at best. Agree...36% commission is on the high side.


Good luck should you decide to bid, I would be curious as to the auction results.


Dave M.

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On 2/13/2021 at 10:22 AM, kissakai said:

After digging around today I've found the auction

Then notice commission  was 36%. A bit of a stinger




 This why I am so amused when people complain about Ebay and Paypal fees, it's the cost of doing business.

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The auction was yesterday and the group went for £360 . Their were was a pre-auction bid of £280

My limit was £350 but it went from £340 to £360 so I did bid £360 and thought it was mine

I checked and it was won by another bidder who I assume pressed their bid in just before me!

Not sure if commission was variable as it stated and added premium of 25%

This was around 95% Chinese so so big prices and only about 3 Japanese items so thought it may be overlooked

So really nothing lost


Lot description:


19th Century and later.

Comprising: a Thai silver box containing domino pieces, a Japanese tantō with a modern wood stand, two white metal saucers, a set of four wood stands and three covers, an ivory figure of a fisherman and an ivory necklace, various sizes. (16 excluding counters)

十九世紀或更晚 雜項一組

* Please note this lot may be subject to CITES regulations. *

(Qty: qty)

£300 - £500 

Buyer's premium: 25.00% plus VAT 







Lot 700 02.jpg

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That coin in the center of the dish is worth a few hundred dollars.  It is a Chinese silver dollar minted in the early 20th century during the late Imperial or early Republic period.  These were minted by province.  That alone would almost have paid for the auction.

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13 hours ago, kissakai said:

What a shame

I quite liked the box and coral necklace but I have a limited budget



Yes, an interesting little group of items Grev , not to mention the ivory netsuke. However, most of us have a limited budget to varying degrees...

Painful for now, but something most all of us have experienced...

Dave M.

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