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Kanji Flashcards

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Hi guys,

Years ago I put together a set of flashcards with characters commonly seen in sword signatures.  The Kanji were chosen to be relevant, no hello or where is the bathroom please, just those found on swords: smiths' names & titles, provinces, numbers, made by, resident of, and others.  270 cards on card stock, Kanji (written by a classically trained Japanese woman) on one side and English on the other, and since this is writing it is closer to what you see on your swords than print would be.  Sets (I have many) can be had for $25 plus post here:


If you are interested please contact me by email from my site, not by personal message on NMB (I need your emails to keep track of business).

Thanks,  Grey






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a lifetime ago i learned kanji and translation from Grey's kanji cards.  If i had a mei i would go through the cards and place ones that looked close to a kanji next to it, then when i was through i would take all the close kanji and eliminate ones until i had what i thought was right, then putting them together  i could usually use Hawley's to figure out the mei and what i was missing.  also when i had spare time i would study them and eventually recognized what the kanji said. 

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Those are awesome! Giving me flashbacks of being a Chinese major way back in college... and the boxes of cards somewhere that haunt my neglected studies.

The emphasis on sword terms is great, no better way to pick up characters IMHO than flipping through cards, and the font is fantastic!

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As I said before I can recommend these kanji cards

I have mine in a card index

Not being able to read them I have put the stroke number on the card with a sub-number grouping together the kanji that are similar in the strokes used

This way I only have to go through a few of my sets rather than all of them


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