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Real Or Fake...hizen No Kuni


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  • 3 weeks later...

It fits in after 1610... Omi Tadayoshi wasn't born in 1610. Can someone check that for me? Only joking x


Mekugi-ana placement is perfect for the 1610+ period. And it is signed like a Tachi

... and this looks like a shortened one.


As for the writing...

The steep HIZEN angle is in the ball park for 2nd Gen Munetsugu and also some later Kunihiro swords (who also went a bit wild with his transition in writing styles BUT fits between 2 Kunihiros which seem to have been signed by his master 1st Gen Tadayoshi ) ...none of which look like any of the later Omi's.


The inconsistent sloppiness would be be-fitting of someone either young or illiterate... or both.


I've seen your pic... and adjusted it to see if it now makes more sense...(with similar signature characteristics [due to date] now applied).


At the end of the day... use common sense. If it's cheap...check it out ... BUY IT... have a good look... then sell it for more. 






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The advice i always hear around this site is buy the sword, not the mei......in this case, the sword does not suggest it is even in the ballpark of the mei. The kissaki screams Chinese fake as does the koshirae. Of course I could be wrong, but i think the advice given above is pertinent......"Run, run away!"

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