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  1. Andrew, The first couple pics you posted didn't really show the blade at all. The nakago (tang) only has very light coloring, making me think it was possibly Navy stainless. Alot of the Naval stainless blades had nice file marks, like yours. Now that you have included more pics, I can see an actual hamon in just one picture. So it is not a Navy stainless blade. That leads to the question of oil or water qwenched and if it is gendaito or Showato. The file marks on the habaki are not normally found on wartime blades, so that adds to the curiousity of this one. Lastly, the tsuba. Again, with limited pics, it is hard to tell what it is from. Once you get it in hand, disassembled, and additional pics taken, we can help you out more. No worries though...you have an actual WWII Japanese sword that is not a replica or Chinese knock-off. My only concern was that the seller advertised it to you, and everyone else, that it was an NCO or type 95. That is 100% incorrect.
  2. You are doing well Adam. My wife has them all confined to one location. At least it is in our bedroom and I get to see them displayed every morning and every night.
  3. Hey Andrew. Just giving my opinions on this but wanted to get the ball rolling for you. All the parts you have look to be WWII vintage. Nothing in this assembly would have come from a type 95 NCO sword. What I do see is a type 94/98 tsuka handle in good shape. Hard to tell much about the tsuba handguard from the pics shown. My opinion is that it is a late Edo period plain tsuba and has been painted brownish redish along with a couple of the seppa spacers. The blade looks like a type 97 navy kaigunto stainless blade but cannot say for 100% sure without seeing closer pics of the blade itself. The saya scabbard looks to be a type 98 with leather cover. Form what I can tell, you have a mixture of a WWII sword. Hopefully you didn't break the bank on it. As a word of advice, post in the wanted section what you are looking for and a price range. You should be able to get a 100% authentic type 98 (depending on condtion, type of blade, etc.) in a range from $750-$1250. Dan
  4. Khalid, Both appear to be in fresh polish. Both are Tokubetsu Hozon papered so a step above Hozon papers. AOI is well known for dealing nihonto of good and excellent levels, including Juyo papered items. Looks like a very nice pair. Dan
  5. I spy with my little eye a couple tachi tsuba in a picture from the SF show last weekend. Table is owned by David Easley https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10220427349181773&set=pcb.1719756218379974
  6. Allen, To make an offer, we will need to see good pics of the entire blade, without fittings, close-up pics of the blade near the habaki (goldish looking collar in front of the tsuba handguard) and pics of the front point of the blade. This should get the ball rolling for you. Without these pics, you probably won't get any offers for that price range. The signature does fit the format of KUN305, but it is not 100% certain that the signature is genuine. If you don't mind the question, how did you arrive at the price-point you have? Dan
  7. J, I've been to Sho-shin.com and done all the research I can via the internet and what books I already own. That being said, I lean towards sandai or yondai, but I don't have a meikan to compare shoshin examples to. Maybe I should have made my question clearer and asked if anyone had shoshin examples of the sandai and yondai for comparison. I still have doubt that it is sandai KAN2024. As for buying nihonto in polish, healthy, papered, etc. I have multiple examples that fit this bill already. In my opinion, I got this kaigunto for a good price regardless if it was a stainless, a showato, or nihonto. To me, was just a bonus that it does actually have a nihonto wakizashi mounted. Is the blade perfect? No, not even close, but it is interesting to me and getting it papered and polished is not a priority, at least not until I learn more about it. Learning about what I have is a priority and I appreciate any knowledge you or anyone else can provide. Sugata, jihada, hamon style, boshi all point to Mino style...to the best of my limited abilities. Possibilities I have narrowed it to; KAN2022 <- 1st Kanesada of Mino. Sugata, jihada, hamon style, boshi are a close match KAN2023 <- 2nd Kanesada. Mei is not the same as "Nosada" 100% no match KAN2024 <- 3rd Kanesada "Hiki-Kanesada" The sada character is very close to my example. Sugata, jihada, hamon style, boshi are a close match KAN2025 <- haven't found shoshin examles to comapre to. Sugata, jihada, hamon style, boshi are a close match KAN2040 <- Don't know enough about this one to make a call. From Mino and time period fits. KAN2041 <- Don't know enough about this one to make a call. From Mino and time period fits. KAN2044 <- Don't know enough about this one to make a call. From Mino and time period fits. KAN2048 <- Don't know enough about this one to make a call. From Mino and time period fits. KAN2049 <- Don't know enough about this one to make a call. From Mino and time period fits. Does anyone have shoshin examples of shodai ,sandai or yondai Kanesada to compare this mei to? KAN2022, KAN2024 or KAN2025? Thanks to everyone who has replied.
  8. And handle to the left...just saying.
  9. Over the weekend, I picked up a WWII kaigunto wakizashi with a nijimei Kanesada blade. Looking at the signature, I already know it is NOT nidai "Nosada". I don't think Shodai made hamon of this style so now I need to figure out if this is 3rd, 4th,5th, 6th, etc. The hamon alternates between sugu for an inch (2.5cm) then 3 ko gunome peaks, back to sugu then 3 gunome peaks. Would greatly appreciate any help in figuring out the generation. Thanks in advance! Dan
  10. Not expecting a miracle of translation since it is well-worn. Zooming in on the photo showed me the remains of the anchor, and the scratches from filing or sanding it down. Just curious as to what it once said.
  11. Would you say this is a Shore Patrol variant or maybe an early model? @Kiipu
  12. An Edo original; https://www.ebay.com/itm/403799504357?hash=item5e045375e5:g:RXkAAOSwrsViy4dX Looks like a reproduction but; https://www.ebay.com/itm/374180605831?hash=item571ee6ef87:g:HfkAAOSwRkpi1VRQ&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4EcIw2qpZ%2F%2B47mpg138jSBByOlmu4qidUHLG41L7QcW0f4F1ndoMKyg%2F6mtLFtcU28K9%2F72zhVZ7ADVNEp3I%2F0SN2dBm%2FnAMx519rjtbnP5WCR5m95EHP7aD9mN6L3xwturcwuZIhyiE1IYQEYp0Wr5LJWDPTjBXbKjbzauUe1l3qck4KmzvA9nOOqK2CH5%2Bj3aJG1pvnEs%2Fb1zWQ6eR0H5oS6U4z3JKLyVyYYi5U%2Fv3r1JaZJUSj4EuJqh5D0XbYJRblwy824yKz%2Fh1XX%2BOLv4hW4A%2Bnzqz0319TxVNq%2BQj|tkp%3ABFBMhNmIudBg Definitely a reproduction; https://www.ebay.com/itm/195211783043?hash=item2d73876b83:g:xJAAAOSwme9izYuJ
  13. For those of us who were not fortunate enough to make the show, feel free to politely rub it in our faces as to how good the show was. Elaborate on all the deals you found and the unique treasures that we all missed! Seriously, hope all went well for sellers and the attendees. I mailed two items for shinsa and I'm anxiously awaiting the results. Really wanted to be there and submit them myself, but work and family have to come first. Post away!
  14. Known Shore Patrol swords for comparison. Note the differences in the non-folding tsuba, the fuchi has the push button release and the tsuka end cap.
  15. I looked through my Fuller & Gregory and Dawson books, and have found some similar, but nothing matches what I picked-up this weekend. To me, it resembles a Navy Shore Patrol sword, but looking at the end of the handle for the anchor, it may have been removed by the owner, and some kind of number and inscription takes it's place. No anchor marking on the saya either. Wakizashi blade appears to be a repurposed shinto or shin-shinto blade with the nakago thinned down and threaded on the end. Nakago is signed Kanemoto. Blade has even light staining throughout, but hamon is visible. Unique things about this one; Handle core is wood, wrapped in black leather ito, laid flat, butted tightly side-by-side and wound in a spiral around the core. No evidence of any wire wrap ever being on this. End of handle does not have a loop made onto the end cap, that hangs down for the attachment of a tassle. This has a small loop that holds a hanging brass ring. Saya is black wrinkle finish, not chrome. Appears to be original and not added later. Black covers the saya, the ashi and the rings of the ashi. The side of the tsuba folds and engages a pin on the saya...like a naval sword. All the Shore Patrol versions I have seen do not have this feature. I'm open to opinions on this one. If I can't match it to the books, I don't know what to call it.
  16. Ed, From what I can see, they are both signed by Kanesada, but it is not the same sword. The placement of the 2 kanji for Kanesada is slightly different. Your date is more typical in the way of how it was written (Think normal printed letters). the date on the sword at the beginning of this post is more stylized (Think cursive). For your habaki, spray some WD-40 into it, ad let it soak for a few minutes. Use a block of wood against the edge of the habaki and gently tap downwards. Once it starts to move, give it another shot of WD-40 and keep it well lubricated. You may find some old dried-up oil, gunk, cosmolene inside the habaki and on the sword where the habaki was. If the gunk doesn't completely come off with the WD-40, use some alcohol to loosen it up, but use only a good quality microfiber towel. And, of course, apply some tsubaki oil, or good quality chiji oil to protect everything after the habaki and fit are are cleaned. Good luck!
  17. I would recommend posting in "Translation Assistance" section of this forum.
  18. Nice looking tanto and koshirae. What matters the most is that you enjoy it and it fit your budget!
  19. I've found a few Chinese blade makers that are forging some pretty decent blades. One thing they all seem to be completely lacking in is their fittings. How can they do so well on the blades, then put some cheap cast fittings with painted gold or gold plating!
  20. Nanban tetsu (南蠻鉃) literally means "Southern barbarian steel"
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