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  1. Sun was out, and I thought to try to capture my 3 blades in the best light. Interesting to place them together. Sori for the "Morimitsu" wakizashi and wartime blade is very similar Will work on my photo skills. Also adding after carefully cleaning with a cotton tip the menuki and the kashira piece for the later wakizashi. Less dirty now. Wakizashi - possible bizen - possible Kyoto-Osaka - possible 1400-1600 period Katana - war blade from middle of 1500 Wakizashi - Bizen middle of 1600
  2. For a bear (Björn) honey sounds really good to me 😁 Thanks everyone for the advices! Puts me on the right path 👍
  3. Hi Jean, I hear you. I will resist. For the tsuba, what is recommended as TLC? Active rust removal with horn or other hard but soft material and then efter that I am clueless. Until now I have given it some oil. Same oil as I use for the blades. There are some chemicals that can be used to oxidize black but that feels a bit to cheat.
  4. Thank you for all advice 👍 Will keep the nagako as it is. Patina is nice so it is maybe better to just clean very gentle the other parts. Bit perplexed of the mismatched FK set. The fushu fits very snug, so I thought it was made to fit. Is it common to have a mismatch FK set made? The tsuka looks to have some age to it. So it may been assembled in the 1800th or earlier. My guess.
  5. Lol, yes. PhD in Molecular Genetics been working with plants, bacteria, yeast, algae and humans. Now, I see that I missed the menukis and habaki. I am guessing the habaki is silverfoiled over copper. Would the habaki be ok to clean in in a ultrasound (jeweler) bath or do I destroy the patina? There is a small damage on the habaki, is it ok to try to correct it myself or just leave it. I am foolishly hoping the menuki is gold but reallity tells me it is alloy.
  6. Hi. I thought the FK was a bit different, the kashira looks to me like pumpkins. Is it ok to try to restore the gold (professionell done) in the pumpkins? How to clean the kashira and menuki? I thought a bit to use a 100 ul pipette and pipette 80-100% etoh up and down and end with distilled water. So now need to find a match for either of the FKs. What to do with the tsuba. Red rust removal by recommended techniques and then try to oxidize black? I dont really think it fits with the shinto 1600? blade. Anyone has any recommendations 👍😀 for tsuba to the blade?
  7. I also add the mei, some pictures of the blade also. Best Björn
  8. Hi, I bought a bizen (I hope) wakizashi, it came as a koshirae set. With a ill fitting damaged koshirae scabbard and what I am guessing a swapped "low quality" tsuba and kozuka. I am wondering about the other items of the tsuka, quality, school and what is the best way to maintain, clean them. Any information of the tsuba and koshirae? More pictures in the next post. Best Björn
  9. Delicate work, Been going at silver smithing for a year now and been leaning a bit on to make tosugo. Started on a silver tsuba, made an a 3x6mm thick 8cm diameter ring and also a center. Left it and thought that maybe better to do a solid 8cm diameter disc and then cut out the design. Anyone have any experience of making tosugo? What material, silver/copper mixture, tools for engraving (No power tools). Would be fun with a subforum for this? 😋 Best Björn
  10. Hi, Just wondering if anyone have a Shinsa service for the San fransisco event in August? Or is it better to send to Japan? Im looking for some conclusion for my suspect gimei morimitsu Blade. Best Björn
  11. 👍 you are not alone to take a dive of a cliff. So if you have a inspection time, have a look at it. If it feels good then keep it. Otherwise there are good people on this board that can help you. Grey as an example had a very nice katana for sale recently, https://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com/store/swords/q452-large-ubu-katana-higo-nobukatsu-kanzan-sayagaki Take your time 👍 I was like a need to buy it but already spent enough this month.
  12. Hi, My first blade was also a sukesada for the same price as you, similar age and signature. I bought it from a local dealer and yes most probably the price was higher than it would have been from a collector. The polish of mine is not great, my own assumtion, and would love to have it re-polished. Still Clueless if it as good as the dealer and paper tells or of it just a mass produced crap sword. Looks to have battle scars so it didnt break , nice sword. I like it and keeps it so far until I know more.
  13. Nice, is it a flag by the temple gator? Looks kinda non Japanese to me (triangulare shape) Dimensions? -B
  14. Trying to take better pictures, any one can recommend good picture program to reduce the size and maintain the quality. When people take good close up of the hada do you use macro lenses then?
  15. Hi Steve, thank you for respons. Machi has most probably been moved forward. Interestingly that you think suriage. Any tells that it has been shortened? I include picture of the nakago. Date and Signature is most probl. Gimei.
  16. Komaru Boshi? Top most kissaki shows Kaen I think.
  17. Hi, I started this thread here (see below), believing it was maybe not Morimitsu but koto bizen. Now finally, I have got the blade back from the Togishi. When I figure out how to make smaller pictures with high quality I will add more photos to the same post. Otherwise photos are coming in different posts. Togishi´s thoughts are that this may be a kyoto sword in bizen style. Hamachi and Munemachi has been later added as well as Bohi and Sohi. It is a soft forged sword with smooth jigane (koitame). I find the hada to be Osaka Tetsu. We are both thinking in the lines of Yamashiro. Possible Muromachi or more likely Edo/Shinto period. What do you think. Tried to take photos this morning but let me know what you want to see more of and I will try to comply with better pictures. --Björn
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