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  1. Looking for a match for this kashira. For me it looks like unopen chrysanthemum flowers and mino bori style. But I am no expert. Any tip or match would be much appreciated
  2. Last ones Let me know if there is anything you want additional pictures of. Thanks for an amazing forum
  3. Hi all, sorry for starting a new post. I am little bit perplexed by these shishi dogs. Can anyone give there thoughts of them. I tried to look around but found both really expensive and lesser... Goto school, very early and edo so I am a bit perplexed. When I got the blade with the tsuka these menukis was covered with gruel, hiding all features. Been carefully trying to clean them to see more of the details. So what do you think, cast or carved? Good, medium or bad quality, goto or not, period? Sorry for all the pictures I having fun with the camera trying to catch all the angles.
  4. I added a few more photos of nagako, looking from the top, I would agree with you . I guess the "notches" on the top would be from tsuba? Filings looks to go to that mark.
  5. Thank you, upping my photo skills with a better lamp + a fue computer filters. Kissaki love
  6. Hi, not an expert, Im guessing that to answer what you ask for needs better pictures. If it is a rusty metal sheet is is placed on, please DO not do that for the blades sake. can you take picture of the whole blade, on both sides. See if you can catch the hamon and activity in the light and possible hada. Measurements is also good. Best of luck.
  7. Hi Jussi, I played around a bit with the nagako, see if I can take better pictures to analyze. I wonder if UV light help to get in more depth. It is not super clear, but it could be that the nagako was altered three times. The red and orange point to the original place, due to that it looks to have different underlaying patination and filing. Need to take better and clearer pictures Macro objective on my buy list as different filters The blue arrow point to the second differentiation place and I guess it is here the bohi was carved (ko-katana was made into a wakazashi and Morimitsu name was added? Just my guess. Possible how the date was added, this could be in the late 1400 to mid 1500 era. The third green arrow pointing to an area with bad, crude filing marks was probably made during the great war and fitted as a gunto. Another favo. idea that this made in kyoto in early edo period to a rich person. There were some information somewhere that a smith from Yamashiro school was "forced" to make forgery by the top boss. Need to verify this though
  8. My guess, is around murumachi to sengoku period (Kyoto-Bizen) but I am more leaning to Bizen. I also thinking abit that it has been shortened, if so maybe earlier namboku... ^^ I dont think based on the Boshi that it is more to shinto but the straight shape is a bit complexing. Please have a guess
  9. Tried a bit to analyze the "Morimitsu" Shinogi-zukuri Koshi-zori Tori-Mune? Gyo-no-Mune? Chu-kissaki Nagasa – 47.5 cm (original ~50cm) Nagago – 14.8 cm (oringial ~12.3 cm) Yasurimeu: File pattern, not clear. Possible Katte-sagari Sori Asai – 1.6 cm (Sori is ~1/3 from the nagato-gata Kasane – 0.61cm Mihaba – 2.8cm Motokasane – 0.67 cm Nagago-Kasane- 0.71 cm Sakikasane – 0.51 cm Kissaki – 3.1 cm Nagako gata: Kurijiri Boshi – Ko-Maru, kaen (one side) Ji-hada: Finely forged, soft-feeling ji-gane, no utsuri, Osaka-tetsu? Marudome-hi, Konuka or Ko-Mokume, Hamon: Nioi, O-choji Midare? Gunome? Different sides Soe-bi – possible added later I rather think originaly the Nagako started a few cm of the mekugi-ana due to difference of color of rust and filings. Then orginally the blade might have had a Nagasa of 55 cm. Im adding a bit of photos, super hard to take good photos. Need more practice and to get a camera stand.
  10. Trying to catch the hada of the katana. The hamon-boshi is fainly seen on the kissaki, I am a bit afraid that it is going out. Hard to tell. Sorry for all the pictures, I hope you did not get bored. For me, this photo session actually made me enjoy the 1600 blade more. Found it much more alive now -Björn
  11. On the side was probably better? Comparing these "only" three blades, I think it is a clear difference of the hamon on either side of the blades. One side more refined and the other a little more hmmm... less?
  12. The last two are the same picture but different orientations...
  13. Katana kissaki and comparission
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