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  1. As members already told, the blade could be of value and of interest. Could be something Good here. Im not the right person but even I can see the potential. The blade needs obviously a polish, try to look att it from different angels in either sunlight or from a single led light source. I have No idea of school, maybe Osaka region?
  2. Repurposed broken koto Blade. Not Bizen or mino 🧐
  3. A mare is looking for a mate. Something that works good with the FK set.
  4. Please, keep us posted 😀
  5. I changed my mind, when looking back at the kissaki on the photos I had I think the right side hamon into boshi follow each other, left side is more "muted" compared to the left side hamon. Hada picture
  6. Hi Tom, the sword is in the hand of the polisher. I hope he will adress all the faults he can find. Great that you point it out, I dont think I noticed it before. I know, gimei will not paper but the overall recomendation on the net looks to send it first for shinsa then if it fails go for a second option. I am reluctant to remove the signature, it looks to have been there for a very long time. Thus removing the signature is like removing the history of the blade but I know fake right, not a good feeling. Ken, yes I know and I have looked. The name that strikes my amatuer brain is Mitsutada. I do think it is a koto blade. Shinto feels wrong 😋 again amatuerish knowledge. I hope the polisher can give some information or point in the right way. I need a shirasaya to the blade later, any recomendations in EU? Or maybe UK? My homemade one is not the best after polish. Will try to link photos.
  7. Added some pictures of the Hafa on Tumblr. https://larqurian.tumblr.com/post/629598984357527552/bizen-blade The right side is more varied, and left side muted. Lots of variations... Tadpole hamon? https://larqurian.tumblr.com/post/629598717233774592/blade https://larqurian.tumblr.com/post/629598641659772928/bizen-blade
  8. Update is coming, the blade is in the hands of a polisher now. First reaction, was that the hamon does not reflect Morimitsu but otherwise a high quality blade that deserves a polish. When I get it back I will post update pictures and ask of advice how to proceed to shinsa.
  9. Purchased two blades from him as a new starter. Most probably was quite largely fooled and price inflated in terms of quality. Still they are real blades but what I gather he is not telling all the trues.
  10. I like the hamon, what is it called?
  11. Oftopic, but how did you send a request of signature authentication?
  12. I am no expert, and I can only give the advice that I am following with my blades. Keep it as it is, study it under different lights. Learn what you can of the blade. If you Still Love it, start saving up for a polish, then when you have the money take a moment and concider that you probably can buy a better blade in polish for what the polish cost.
  13. Hi Robert, cool I was working as a scientist in Okayama Univ before, did some teaching but mostly to masterstudents. Some day I will have a juyo bizen blade.
  14. Lovely tanto, I wish I could afford it now. Any webpage for your other articles? Strange that I missed antique sword shops when I lived in Japan. Then I thought it was more or less impossible to own and have a sword in Japan. Especially for a foreigner.
  15. Hi, I tried to upload better close up and linking it to imgur. From the mobil camera it looks to be some red marks (rust) in some of the date signs. In real life, it is hard for me to see if it is there or not. Could be a camera artefact. I rather think the cuts are not so deep, and maybe there is a difference between the date side and the signature side in term of confidence?... Shakingness could be my hands Will try to make a better rig to take photos. Cant get the photo to work --- tried both png and jpg on imgur and none worked here.... Post one picture of a fukure? in the bo-hi, is it possible to do something about this? or leave it be and hope for the best that a polish will not open it up? mei https://imgur.com/a/zGJeFb6 blade https://imgur.com/a/hmZ46bL
  16. Smith only active for 3 years? Harsh life.
  17. Hi, yes. It is possible that the signature is added afterwords or not. Blade itself looks for me to be of rather high quality. So what would the advice be?
  18. Hi, I was wondering if I could get any advice on this "maybe" Morimitsu blade? My plan of action was to send it for polish in Europe this year and when money and time permits take it to Japan or USA for shinsa. I ponder upon different paths: 1. Morimitsu is the smith, blade is ok, and the signature is authenticated. --> Shinsa ok 2. Morimitsu is the smith, blade is ok, and the signature is added later on --> Will it paper then? 3. Morimitsu is not deemed the smith, blade is ok, and signature is gimei --> Will it paper then? Will you get any information of what smith they judge and/or advice to proceed? What would your advice be to go forward. Right now I have made my own shirasaya for the time beeing, since the WWII sheet was in really bad condition, is there any good shirasaya maker in Europe? and should I sent it for shirasaya making before or after a possible polish? Thank you for your advice! -Bjorn
  19. Thank you Northman ???????? Actually I appreciate everone comments. I choosed this blade based on its characteristics of the shape. The slender blade and balance makes it for me a deadly weapon. The difference in opinion makes it a good study piece. Mino or bizen... Why did the appraisal give it a better origami than the usual one... Is the polish bad or good for this type etc... I will try to take it with me to study group to learn more. I hate questions unaswered so this will make me study harder Is there a scientific way to measure age? Carbontest or metal composition? Or similar?
  20. Ah. Still learning. See for every step I am a step closer on the path of enlightment. I will try to setup a better quality photo. Or does the attachment here reduce quality? Size of photo gets markedly lower. Thank you for the link. I read parts of it and will read it in more detail tomorrow, and during the wekeend. For me, I do appreciate workmanship and art. I have collected a few old and new pieces of bizen yaki, maybe not for everyone but I like the moment when the potter lets nature (kiln) form the surface.... Anyway a bit like nihonto swords where both nature and the skill of the smith form the end product. Then it is bizen, maybe that is foolish but I do like Okayama ???? and what conection it has with me personaly. Then I like also that there is a hunt for acessory parts and what style would fit the blade the most. For now I will study my swords, take in more information ask a lot more questions and look for that special object. Anyone know what the water droplet hamon is called? Ty all -Bjorn
  21. Will, take new pictures. Corona strains and reinfections is alarming. Read it and and more clueless now about the mysteries of Nihonto .
  22. Thank you Jussi, interesting about the kanji. Uwe that blade looked very similar. I like the what looks like a water droplet in the hamon. I include the date side also ????
  23. Thank you. I was wondering if it has been shortened due to what it looks like under the habaki?
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